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Building Applications

Most Building application forms are regulated by the Building Commission

The following checklists are provided to help ensure that the correct information is received for your building application

BA1 Certified Building Permit Application Checklist

BA2a Uncertified Building Permit (Dwelling) Application Checklist

BA2b Uncertified Building Permit (Outbuildings) Application Checklist

Infrastructure Bond

The Shire of Northam has previously experienced damage to its roads, footpaths, verges and kerbs during periods of building and construction. To enable the Shire to protect its assets the Shire will require an infrastructure permit and a refundable bond to repair any damage to its original condition on some building applications. 

Infrastructure Bond Information Sheet

All building applications that require a bond will need to complete an Infrastructure Bond Application Form as part of the application. 

At completion of building or demolition work, a Notice of completion - BA7 must be supplied within 10 days. If a bond has been paid this must be accompanied with an Infrastructure Bond refund form.

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