General Building Information

General Information

Building Permits for Dwellings, Sheds (Class 1 or Class 10 buildings) and other residential work can be obtained by submitting an Uncertified Building Application (BA2) to the Shire of Northam. The Shire will issue a Certificate of Design Compliance and a Building Permit once all the documentation is deemed acceptable.

Please refer to the information sheets in the tabs on the left for application forms and further information. 

Building Application Fees can be calculated on the relevant checklist which has been provided and can be accessed via the tabs on the left.

A Building Permit generally has a life of 2 years. If you have not completed the building works within this timeframe it is important to apply for an extension of time prior to the expiry date. Please click here for the application form.

Please click on the following information sheets which provide general information relating to building permits;

Commercial Buildings

Commercial developments first require an application for a Certificate of Design Compliance either issued by the Shire or by a Private Certifier. Once a Certificate of Design Compliance has been issued then a Building Permit Application is required to be submitted to the Shire for the issue of the Building Permit.

Click on this link for a Shire of Northam Certificate of Design Compliance Application.

Commercial developments may require referral to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) prior to the issue of a Certificate of Design Compliance by a Building Surveyor. Generally the building surveyor will lodge the plans with DFES.

More information can be found on the DFES website.

Once a commercial development has been completed, a Notice of Completion must be submitted to the Shire along with the required Certificates. The building cannot be occupied until an Occupancy Permit has been issued. To obtain an Occupancy Permit, first a Certificate of Construction Compliance must be obtained either from the Shire or from a Private Building Surveyor.

Click on this link for a Shire of Northam Certificate of Construction Compliance Application

Click on this link for the Occupancy Permit Application Form.