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Kerbside Rubbish & Recycling Collection

Please note that bins are now required to be placed kerbside by 6am on collection day. Thank you for your cooperation.

Kerbside Recycling Wheelie Bins

Kerbside recycling bin information
Bin Colour Light green with yellow lid
Bin size 240L
Collection frequency Fortnightly
Bin Supplied & Owned By Shire of Northam
Council’s Waste Collection Contractor Avon Waste


Shire of Northam Resource Recovery Calendar:

Kerbside Recycling in AvonThe Shire of Northam and Shire of Toodyay are very proud to announce that in July 2013 a fortnightly kerbside recycling service will commence, for all residents that currently receive the weekly general waste wheelie collection service. To veiw the Recycling service calendar go to http://www.recycleright.net.au/the-shire-of-northam/.

It is anticipated that at the end of June, residents will be delivered free of charge one 240L nature green recycling bin with yellow lid and an information calendar showing the collection days and products that can be deposited in the bin. For more tips on how to recycle right and make the valley a better place go to www.recycleright.net.au.

Your kerbside recycling bin should be placed on Shire verges fortnightly with the wheels and handles facing your home on the nominated collection days by 6.00am. Bins are required to be approximately 0.5m from the edge of the verge and 1.0m apart from your green general waste bin.

The contents of the new yellow lid recycling bins will be transported to and processed at the South Metropolitan Regional Council’s (SMRC) Regional Resource Recovery Centre in Canning Vale. Here recyclables are sorted and baled for export to market. For more information on the SMRC’s recycling processes please visit www.smrc.com.au.

Funding assistance for the program has been provided by the Waste Authority of Western Australia in conjunction with the Shires of Northam and Toodyay.

Your Yellow Lid Recycling Bin

Please place all items LOOSE (not in plastic bags) and if possible rinsed.

This includes:

  •  All glass, including broken glass.
  •  All plastic containers (empty), including salad dressing, tomato sauce, condiment bottles & empty plastic bags. Items should be rinsed with lids removed (still placed in bin).
  •  All cans & tins, including aerosol cans & tin foil.
  •  All paper products including wax cartons & pizza boxes.
  •  No nappies.
  •  No hazardous waste.
  •  No kitchen scraps or garden waste.
  •  No building waste.

Kerbside General Waste Wheelie Bins

Kerbside general waste bin information
Bin Colour Dark Green
Bins Size 240L
Collection frequency Weekly
Bin Supplied & Owned By Property Owner
Council’s Waste Collection Contractor Avon Waste

Bin distance from kerb

Your General Waste Wheelie Bin should be placed on Shire verges weekly with the wheels and handles facing your home on the nominated collection days by 6.00am. Bins are required to be approximately 0.5m from the edge of the verge and 1.0m apart from other bins. Do not overfill the bin – the lid must be closed and the bin must not exceed 70kg.

Council provides a 240 litre mobile bin service to all residents of townsites and areas designated as 'Rural Small Holding Zones'.  A service will be provided to other residents in rural areas provided they are on a route where it is economically viable to provide this service. 

If your property is designated as a 'Rural Small Holding Zone' or you live in a rural area of the Shire and you need to obtain a service, you can do so by completing the Rubbish Collection Request Form which is available on the Shire of Northam Website or contact the Shire of Northam Administration Office on 9622 6100.

As Council does not provide dark green general waste rubbish bins they can be bought new or second hand from a local Hardware Store or Avon Waste (9641 1318).

Residential Rubbish Collection Application

Commercial Rubbish Collection Application

General Waste Wheelie Bin Collection Days

  •  Southern & Eastern side of Fitzgerald St & Peel Terrace, Thursdays.
  •  Western & Northern river side of Fitzgerald & Peel Terrace, Tuesdays.
  •  Properties throughout the rural areas of the Shire, Fridays

Your Green General Waste Bin

Please place all general domestic waste in your green bin. Excluding:

  •  No hot or burning ashes.
  •  No bricks, rocks and soil.
  •  No paints, solvents, liquid waste or hazardous material.
  •  No household hazardous waste.
  •  No mobile phones, batteries, mercury based globes, printer cartridges. (These can be disposed of at the Northam Administration Office and Toodyay Waste Transfer Station)

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