Demolition Permit

A demolition Permit is required from the Shire for demolition work on whole or part of a building or structure. There may also be health requirements to comply with for removing asbestos and decommissioning septic tanks. Service providers including Water Corporation, Western Power and any gas supplier must be notified prior to demolition work commences.

A Demolition Permit is not required for a Class 10 building or incidental structure with a floor area of less than 40m2 the will not adversely affect the safety and health of the occupants or other users of the building or the public and is not subject to the Heritage Act

Apply for a demolition permit

To apply for a demolition permit, you need to submit the following:

  • A completed Demolition Permit application form (BA5) and prescribed application fee 
  • A scaled site plan clearly indicating the building or section of the building to be demolished and the structures to be retained
  • Demolition Contractor Worksafe Registration if required
  • A rat baiting certificate from a licensed pest control company.
  • Evidence of Development approval if required
  • Infrastructure Bond may be required
  • Demolition checklist form

The Shire has provided a Demolition checklist to help you supply all the correct information and to calculate

the fees.

You may need to submit a Notice and Request for Consent of Work Affecting Other Land (Form BA20) if the proposed demolition work is likely to adversely affect adjoining land or buildings. In the event that you are unable to gain consent from the affected adjoining land owners, a Court Order to carry out the proposed demolition work must be obtained instead and lodged with your demolition permit application.

The Shire has 10 working days to process a demolition application from the time a full application has been received.

Further Information

More information about Demolition licences can be found on the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website where there is also a link to licenced Demolition contractors.