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Toxic Weeds in the Shire of Northam 

Cape  Tulip Weed

Paterson’s Curse and Cape Tulip are undoubtedly beautiful, but they can be a danger to our animals. Here are some things you may not know;

  • They are toxic to cattle, sheep, pigs, and horses, and can cause oxalate poisoning and Nitrate poisoning. Symptoms include depression, weight loss, and/or swaying in pigs and horses.
  • Often symptoms occur quickly, with no sign until it’s too late. Please try to avoid placing your animals in paddocks which contain large quantities of these weeds.
  • Cultivation and herbicides do provide good control over the weed.
  • Prior to flowering and bud presentation, mowing the curse can decrease the likelihood of regrowth and further dissemination of planting across paddocks.

Download the Toxic Weeds in the Shire of Northam information PDF HERE.

Where can landowners find more information?

If you are looking for answers on how to eliminate the weed, how to better maintain or look after your paddocks for your livestock, visit the Department of Agriculture and Food’s Information Page for more information, or contact them on 9690 2217 directly to discuss your concerns.

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