Native Tree Subsidy Program

May/June 2019

WA Farm Trees is working in partnership with the Shire of Northam to provide a selection of native trees and shrubs for land owners to plant on their property as part of the Shires Native Tree Subsidy Program. This program aims to encourage residents to revegetate their properties to enhance and support biodiversity by improving the landscape quality. As the trees and shrubs establish, residents taking advantage of this program will be able to enjoy the benefits of increased shade, reductions in ambient temperature whilst providing food, shelter and corridor connections between vegetation pockets for native fauna.

During the months of May and June, the Shire of Northam is providing the residents of Northam the opportunity to purchase trays of native trees from WA Farm Trees for the discounted price of $22 GST INC (50% off). Trays available at this special price will be allocated based on property size as indicated in the table provided.



Area in hectares

Area in Acres

Trees / trays to be allocated

0.2ha(2000m2)– 2ha

0.5 – 5 acres

32 trees ( 1/2 tray )

2.01  up to 15ha

5.1 up to 37.06 acres

64 trees ( 1 tray )

15.01ha up to 80ha

37.09 up to 197.68 acres

128 trees ( 2 trays )

Over 80ha

197.68 acres and larger

192 trees (3 trays )

To take advantage of the tree planting subsidy, residents can either collect their voucher from the Shire of Northam’s Administration building or email their request to the shire, to receive their discounted native tree voucher prior to collection from WA Farm Trees. Email property requests will need to be sent to with the property owners name and address to verify property location. The Shire will assess the application and will return a voucher that will need to be presented at WA Farm Trees to get the discounted tube stock trays.

Selections available have taken into account a variety of species that are suitable for different soil types and species that can be grown to serve multiple purposes including hedges, windbreaks, shade, bird attracting, bee attracting, stock fodder, ornamental use and those that are salt tolerant. The table below lists available species, their preferred soil type and their uses.

To view the table of plants available click here for species available for subsidy

Pictures of these species can be viewed on the Flora Base web page at:

Each tray holds 64 tube stock plants and residents will be able to select one species for each tray.

Limited trays of these varieties are available and have been allocated on a first come basis for purchase.

Residents taking advantage of this tree subsidy will need to be mindful of the species they select to ensure they are appropriate for the property size and that the trees at maturity are clear from impeding on neighbouring properties or existing services.


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