Online Form - Fire Permit


Notify DFES Communications on 1800 198 140 prior to and after the fire is extinguished. *
Notify neighbours / adjoining landowners / others MINIMUM of 24hrs prior to ignition. *
Provide a firebreak around the area to be burnt of a width no less than 3 meters *
Do not light if the wind speed exceeds 15 km\h *
Provide 3 able people who will keep the fire in view at all times and remain in attendance until it is totally extinguished. *
Reduce fuel loads by separating into small piles or adding small amounts to the fire, reducing ember attacks. *
Location is within 3km of a Department of Parks and Wildlife Reserve Notify DPaW on 9290 6100. *
Further conditions *
Read and observe the conditions forthis form. *
I agree to my number being added to the Shire of Northam Emergency SMS list. *
I acknowledge I have read and understood the conditions of this permit to burn and by clicking the submit button, I agree to comply with all conditions and accept my responsibilities in accordance with the Bush Fires Act 1954. *