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Shire of Northam Community Grants

The Shire of Northam 2017/2018 Community Grants round is now open and will close at 5pm on Thursday, 13 April 2017. 

Community Grants are available to non-profit community based organisations, sporting groups and schools that implement a project or an event that is of benefit to the community. The Shire of Northam will favourably view initiatives that clearly demonstrate their benefit to the community, have additional funding partners and have a degree of sustainability.

As well as applying for small non-recurring Community Grants for one-off initiatives, groups can apply for sponsorships, scholarships, donations, prizes or other support and assistance through this program.

For further information please contact the Shire of Northam's Community Development Officer Michelle Blackhurst on 9622 26100 or email cdo@northam.wa.gov.au

Grant Guidelines

Project Grant Application Form

Public Event Grant Application Form

Club Sponsorship Grant Application Form

Have you recently applied for a community grant and been successful?

Firstly, congratulations on submitting a successful project!

You will receive written confirmation advising you of your successful application together with a Grant Acceptance Form. In order to receive your grant funding, you will need to complete the Grant Acceptance Form and return it to the Shire of Northam together with a compliant tax invoice. Your payment will then be processed.

You will be required to acquit your grant to confirm that the community funds are benefiting Shire of Northam residents. You will be required to return any amount that is not acquitted.

Please download the Financial Acquittal and Evaluation Form and return it to the Shire of Northam by post or emailing it to records@northam.wa.gov.au prior to the grant term date listed on your grant agreement. 

We wish you every success in delivering your project.

Other Funding

There are a large number of funding opportunities that community and sporting organisations can apply for; some are available on a continuous basis, such as many Lotterywest grant categories, whilst others are offered at specific times only.

Below are some websites that may assist you with researching possible grant/funding sources for specific projects as well as more detailed information about current funding opportunities available.  If you require advice about grant funding opportunities and / or processes, please contact the Shire of Northam Community Development Officer on 9622 6100 or email cdo@northam.wa.gov.au  

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