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Drum Muster 8 March 2017

Posted on: Tuesday, 21 February 2017 at 4:39:00 PM

Round them up, rinse them out and run them in - the Drum Muster is on again 8 March 2017.

The drum muster is aimed at recycling clean and dry drums from growers, farmers and chemical users throughout Australia. Eligible containers are those with the Drum Muster logo. They must be clean, that is triple rinsed or cleaned with high pressure and left with lids off to dry.

Once the containers are received, they are crushed or shredded and transformed into practical items such as plastic cable covers, wheelie bins, bollards and irrigation pipes. More information is available from the Drum Muster website www.drummuster.org.au.

The drums can be delivered to the Old Quarry Road landfill site in Northam.

To be allocated a time to deliver your drums, please contact Susan Burley on 9622 6113 with your number of drums.

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