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Volunteer Bushfire Brigade Member for the Month.

Posted on: Monday, 8 May 2017 at 10:48:56 AM

Sue Brooker has been a member of the Clackline/Muresk Volunteer Bushfire Brigade since 1990. Sue took on the role of Training Instructor in 1997 with the Clackline/Muresk Bushfire Brigade to pass on her firefighting knowledge to the brigade’s cadets. She was appointed the Shire of Northam’s first female Fire Control Officer in 2008 and at the same time became the Shire of Northam’s Communications Officer. For many years she has been the voice on the other end of the radio. Each morning without fail Sue gave the Shire’s weather briefing and list of fire permits over the radio to all the brigades and Fire Control Officers. Sue has always been a “hands on” member of the brigade and has always been willing to help and mentor the younger members. Sue could not have been such a valuable member of the brigade without the love and support of her husband Brian Brooker who is always by her side.
The Clackline/Muresk Bushfire Brigade and The Shire of Northam would like to thank Sue for many years of service and tireless efforts to support fire fighters in Incident control and fire management within our community.

The Shire of Northam and the community thanks you for your efforts

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