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 CBD Heritage Enhancement Fund

Posted on: Tuesday, 8 August 2017 at 1:57:07 PM

The Shire of Northam is pleased to announce a new round of grant funding developed to assist property owners within the Northam CBD in order to enhance the appearance of their buildings.

As part of the overall strategy to enhance the appeal of the CBD the Shire of Northam is providing dollar for dollar financial assistance for property owners within the CBD. While the main focus is initially how buildings ‘address’ Fitzgerald Street and Minson Avenue all commercial properties within the designated CBD are able to make application for the funding.

As part of an overall strategy to enhance the appeal of the CBD the Shire of Northam is providing dollar for dollar financial assistance for property owners within the CBD. 

Shire of Northam Shire President, Cr Steven Pollard, said the Council is trying a number of new initiatives to enhance the appeal and vibrancy of the Central Business District, with the proposed grant scheme being one of these.

“We have discussed our concept with the Chamber of Commerce and a number of small businesses and the feedback to date has been positive”

“The challenge for local governments is to understand how they can help small business. Our role is to create environments which encourage investment and attract people. However our role is just a small part of the equation, ultimately Business in the CBD are the key in regards to the goods they supply and service they provide” Cr Pollard said.

With Christmas fast approaching the Shire of Northam is encouraging local people to ‘shop local’ and before you go to the City to buy gifts, give the local business an opportunity. You may be pleasantly surprised.

In addition to the grant funding available, the Council is also looking at revamping tis Christmas decorations/celebrations, while it has also allocated funding to enhance the Avon Mall, develop a ‘Pop up Shop’ concept and continue street scaping along the Main street.

These initiatives are in addition to plans to address drainage issues along Minson Avenue, the redevelopment of the Swan enclosure, along with recent developments of the Bernard park water playground, provision of free WIFI in the Mall, around the Visitor Centre and around Library, the new heritage street bins and refurbishment of the Fitzgerald Street bollards and street furniture.

Cr Pollard said these initiatives are focused on providing reasons for people to come into the CBD and stay in the area, consequently increasing the opportunities for local business.
“The Northam CBD is a vital community asset and our commitment is to keep trying things until we get to a point where we think the CBD is a vibrant and attractive hub of the Community”
“We will continue to work with local business around potential ideas and initiatives”.

Northam Chamber of Commerce President, Paul Tomlinson added the Chamber’s support to the initiative saying;
“We congratulate Council on this incentive and in endorsing Shire President Pollard’s words, the Chamber encourages all eligible property owners and their lessees to have a serious crack at this enhancement opportunity. Street presentation goes a very long way in encouraging new customers to come inside”.

Application forms and information is available of the Shire of Northam Website, or by contacting Shire of Northam Manager Planning Services, Mr Kobus Nieuwoudt on (08) 9622 6100.

Click on the following links for the information and assistance forms:

Media Contact: Kobus Nieuwoudt
Manager Planning Services
Phone: (08) 9622 6100
Fax: (08) 9622 1910
Email: mgrplanning@northam.wa.gov.au

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