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Shire Funds Cats Subsidy

Posted on: Thursday, 7 September 2017 at 8:45:50 AM

Shire of Northam residents have another opportunity to take advantage of subsidies to assist them to meet the requirements of the Cat Act 2011.

Under the Cat Act, from 1 November 2013, all cats over the age of six months are required to be: registered with a local government, sterilised (unless used for breeding by a registered breeder) and micro chipped.

The Shire of Northam has partnered with local vets over the past several years to assist people to comply with the current law. Previously funding assistance was provided by the Department of Local Government and Communities however Council has agreed to fund the current program separately.

Local vets, Bakers Hill Animal Hospital, A Country Practice Vets and Northam Veterinary Clinic are supporting the programme through heavily discounting their usual rates for sterilisation and micro chipping.  The discounts have allowed the Shire to offer $100 vouchers toward each newly registered cat.  Owners are then required to contribute a further $100 towards the veterinary costs. If the owner has a valid Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card the voucher will be increased to $150.

To be eligible, applicants need to be a resident within the Shire of Northam and attend the Shire of Northam Administration Office.  They will be provided with a voucher upon completion of a cat registration form.  Fees for registration vary depending upon the registration period and whether the owner is eligible for discounted fees.

Shire of Northam Chief Executive Officer Jason Whiteaker said the program was an important one to continue

 “Indiscriminate breeding of cats creates a significant environmental concern.  Feral cats decimate wildlife and threaten the biodiversity of our region.  We urge all residents with cats not yet registered to get behind this programme, as much for the welfare of their own pets as for that of our wildlife”.

“The previous programs have been successful with over 170 cats being sterilised Council has funded the current program independent from the State Government. In addition the increased funding available to Pensioner and Health Care Card holders will make it more attractive for those owners to become involved. ”

The programme is planned to end 30th June 2018, or at such time as the available funds are fully utilised.

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