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Development Assessment Panels

Development Assessment Panels From 1 July 2011 fifteen (15) Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) commenced operation throughout Western Australia. A Development Assessment Panel (DAP) is an independent decision-making body comprised of technical experts and elected local government representatives.

These panels will determine development applications made under local and region planning schemes, in the place of the original decision maker. DAPs will be mandatory in Western Australia, and a DAP will be created for each local government that has a local planning scheme. DAPs will be responsible for determining development applications where the cost of the development $7 million in value or higher.

An applicant may also elect for a development with a value of between $3 million, and $7 million to be determined by the DAP. Local Governments will remain responsible for receiving, assessing, and reporting on all development applications. Where an application is required to be determined by a DAP the City will forward the application to the DAP secretariat upon receipt, and will then provide a report to the DAP following a technical assessment of the proposal.

Further information on DAPs, their roles and responsibilities can be found on the DAPs website.

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