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Shire Of Northam Laneway Strategy

The Shire of Northam adopted the Laneway Review in August 2011 as a long term direction for the management of laneways within the townsite. The review seeks to acquire a number of laneways for the purpose of providing public pedestrian and vehicle access to existing properties. The Shire seeks to upgrade the laneways and to promote future redevelopment opportunities within the Northam townsite.

As part of this process an opportunity exists to widen certain laneways to 6 metres to provide for two-way vehicle access and also to provide opportunities for infill development. This widening would only occur once properties are subdivided (including strata title or survey strata) or development gains access from a right of way less than 6 metres.

This widening will occur on a lot by lot basis as each lot is developed so the Shire is adopting a long term view on the widening process. It is envisaged that the land required to widen a certain laneway to 6 metres will be given up free of cost to to the Shire and be dedicated as public use.

View Northam Townsite Laneway Review Rev 3 August 2011 (final adopted).

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