Fire Mitigation

Prescribed Burns

The Shire of Northam in conjunction with the Shires Bushfire Brigades and  Fire Mitigation Services will be conducting a hazard reduction burns on Council Reserves  

Some burns will be conducted in two parts  the edges will be burnt to reduce the fuel load 100m from the edge and the remainder of the burn will be conducted in spring.

42737 Woodley Farm Drive Northam Map 
42737 Woodley Farm Drive Northam Map Map 
3303 Clarke Street Northam Map 
420 Great Eastern Highway Northam Map (Completed)
26840 Old Quarry Road Northam Map (Completed)
41452 Mitchell Avenue Northam Map 
A11604 Tamplin Street Northam Map (Completed)
44700 Great Eastern Highway Northam Map 
25796 Inkpen Road Inkpen Map 
3202 Jennapullin Road Grass Valley Map (Completed)
26496 Spencers Brook Road Clackline Map 
19542 Lockyer Road Clackline Map 
16349 Lockyer Road Clackline Map  (Completed)
25468 Oyston Road Bakers Hill Map 
28043 Great Eastern Hwy Bakers Hill Map 
3301 Yates Street Bakers Hill Map (Completed)
25785 Shingle Hill Road Bakers Hill Map (Completed)
11619 Coates Road Wundowie Map (Completed)
25225 Golf Links Road Wundowie Map (Completed)
42084 Muluckine Road Seabrook Map

Up to date information on burn times will be posted on the Shire of Northam’s Facebook page at 

The Shire of Northam asks all residents to be “Bushfire Ready” for more information go to

Should you have any queries in relation to this matter, please contact The Shire of Northam Community Emergency Services Manager, Brendon Rutter on 9622 6100.

Fire Breaks

(Completed Dec 2016)

37451 Frankish Road, Northam

42737 Woodley Farm Drive, Northam

42389 Woodley Farm Drive, Northam

11596 Clarke Street, Northam

3303 Clarke Street, Northam

420 Great Eastern Highway, Northam

26840 Old Quarry Road, Northam

A13883 Mitchell Avenue, Northam

41452 Mitchell Avenue,  Northam

A11604 Tamplin Street,   Northam

A11608 Mitchell Avenue, Northam

A11612 Mitchell Avenue, Northam

A967 Yilgarn Avenue, Northam

44700 Great Eastern Highway, Northam

25796 Inkpen Road, Inkpen

9630 Wilson Street, Grass Valley

22200 Wilson Street, Grass Valley

6102 Vivian Street, Grass Valley

16349 Lockyer Road, Clackline

A1399 Bodegeoro Road, Wundowie

32143 Gooch Road, Mokine

41559 Katrine Road, Katrine

39381 Northam-Toodyay Road, Katrine

42084 Muluckine Road, Seabrook

11514 Southern Brook Road, Southern Brook

3203 Jennapullin Road, Grass Valley

15384 Northam-Pithara Road, Jennapullin

48189 Leeming Road, Meenar

6305 Meenar North Road, Meenar

48721 Jose Road, Bakers Hill

25468 Oyston Road, Bakers Hill

28043 Great Eastern Hwy, Bakers Hill

3301 Yates Street, Bakers Hill

25785 Shingle Hill Road, Bakers Hill

11619 Coates Road, Wundowie

25225 Golf Links Road, Wundowie

9251 Carter Street, Grass Valley

19542 Lockyer Road, Clackline