Interim Rates

Interim rates are rate notices that are issued in addition to the annual rate notices and are processed as a result of some change on the property. These are issued if an owner has undertaken work that either increases or decreases the value of a property, which in turn affects the rates payable. A change in the number of rubbish collection services will also result in an interim notice being issued.

If this change was not shown on the latest rates notice, an adjustment will be made to the rates payable and Council will issue an interim notice.

Any adjustment you receive in your interim rates will be backdated to the date that the value of your property changed or the change in rubbish collection services commenced. The Valuer General (which is a Government Department) determines the gross rental value of your property. Unfortunately, Council is dependant on the values being supplied from the Valuer General and some delays can be experienced.


  • All interim notices will receive a period of 35 days to make payment.
  • If your rates balance decreases you may be credited with an adjustment and a refund issued where applicable.
  • Objections can be made to the Valuer General regarding the value that they have determined. Council staff can assist in submitting an objection. For a copy of the form, please go the Objection to Valuations page and click on the link.

For further information contact Finance Services on 9622 6100.