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Aboriginal and Environmental Interpretive Centre

The Shire of Northam is committed to facilitate the blending of Aboriginal knowledge and environmental programs to develop approaches to land management that incorporates traditional principles. To achieve this the Shire of Northam is building an Aboriginal and Environmental Interpretive Centre adjacent to the Northam Visitor Centre on the foreshore of the Avon River.

The Centre will be developed as a regional tourist attraction which offers an interactive educational experience to recognise the rich Aboriginal and environmental presence in the Northam area.

The Aboriginal and Environmental Interpretive Centre will offer an opportunity to better reflect the Aboriginal culture in the region and will encourage an understanding of how to better develop our local environment. The Centre has a range of objectives and their achievement will bring a series of benefits to the community.

  • Social Cohesion - Recognising the crossover of environmental interests and their interpretation through Aboriginal culture will encourage integration within our community and region.
  • Community - Providing a focal point for people of various cultural orientations to come together with common interests to understand and respect difference within our community.
  • Tourism - Development of a regional tourism focal point for culture in Northam and the Avon.
  • Economic - Providing opportunities cultural based business opportunities in and around the Centre.

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