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The Avon Valley has an abundance of wildflowers to discover as you explore.


Common wildflowers found in the Shire of Northam


Various Orchids

Fringed Lilies

Blue Leschenaultia

Blue/ Purple Dampiera

Kangaroo Paw


Where to find them


Clackline Reserve

From the Great Eastern Highway (heading towards Perth), turn right onto Refractory Road, and follow this until the end, where you will turn left. Follow this road around, and you will see the Clackline Reserve. Clackline also has a number of other walk

trails (including the popular Flora Trail) which can be accessed by starting at Lion Park (Spencers Brook Road). Also look out for Bobakine reserve nearby.


Woondowing Nature Reserve

From the Great Eastern Highway (heading towards Perth), turn right onto Coates Road (after you pass through Bakers Hill). Follow this road around, until you reach Sims Road, where you should turn right. Follow Sims Road along, and you will see the nature reserve area on your right-hand side.


The Shire of Northam also has an abundance of beautiful canola fields during canola season. Each year, many people travel to the Avon Valley to get the perfect photo with these stunning crops, but like other cereal crops Canola is an income source for local farmers. When entering the field, you not only trample the crop, you create a bio-security risk including potential spread of disease and cross contamination of seeds and other pests.

We love to see your photos from outside of the fence lines, but if you’d like to get in among the canola, there are a number of specially-grown crops in the Avon Valley for this very purpose.