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Meet the locals - Clary Lowe

We love to tell you what we love about the Shire of Northam, but to give you a real feel for the must-do magical experiences in the area, what better way to hear it than straight from the locals themselves?

In 2019, Clary was diagnosed with a Grade 3 brain tumour. Grade 3 is a fast-growing cancer; his was big and not all was able to be removed. The usual prognosis is 5 years to live. However, after 6 weeks of daily radiology and a year of chemo, he is still in remission.

Daily and social life has changed for Clary since his diagnosis. It had been his dream to be a mechanic and work on cars, but with an unreliable short-term memory, there were too many safety risks to continue down this path.

Instead, Clary has turned his passions to Bicycles, founding Blue House Bikes, and creating a community of people who enjoy riding bikes and learning how to make their own repairs. This outlet is helpful for both Clary’s mental health and is a huge asset to the Northam community.

Weekly social rides and meet-ups help nurture this community and give opportunities to people of all ages and abilities to participate in enjoying the natural beauty of the Avon Valley while biking through the region.

Blue House Bikes is a project that fosters connection foremost, and all the bicycles are priced affordably just to cover costs. Donations and sponsorship help keep Clary doing what he loves and creating opportunities for the Northam residents.



Favourite place in the Shire to spend time: The 8 track - the local town bridge loop, it’s the best suited bike trail around.


Favourite thing about living in the Shire of Northam: Water in the river, I grew up in a town with a river in the middle of it and it barely ever had water in it so the Avon River is always spectacularly magnificent.


What is your top tip for visitors to Northam: Visit Mt Ommanney and get an overview of this spectacular countryside.


Tell us about your favourite hidden treasure in the Shire: Well which  one to choose because there are so many - the place where the rivers meet, Burlong pool and the truck bay.


What is a ‘must do’ experience if you are only here for one day? Drop on in to Blue House Bikes!