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Grass Valley

Grass Valley is a small township just east of Northam, and was named after a local property of the same name that was established in 1833 by William Nairn.

 The surrounding areas produce wheat and other cereal crops, and Grass Valley is the perfect place to get out and explore if you are looking to see more of Northam’s beautiful scenery.

 The Grass Valley Tavern has been recently renovated, and now offers a country dining experience that is not to be missed. Although quiet and unassuming, Grass Valley is not to be overlooked by our adventure seekers out there- catch a scenic helicopter flight over the picturesque Avon Valley while you’re out there.

 Interesting Fact: During the 1950s–90s Grass Valley’s expansive farms were the largest producers of chaff in Western Australia, which was sought after by buyers throughout Western Australia as well as Asia and the Middle East.


Key Attraction

Grass Valley Tavern