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Meet the Locals - Jess Joy

We love to tell you what we love about the Shire of Northam, but to give you a real feel for the must-do magical experiences in the area, what better way to hear it than straight from the locals themselves?

Jess Joy is a local cafe owner, and has lived in the Shire of Northam for over 20 years. Jess is a real advocate for where she lives, so we caught up with her to ask for her insights. 

Favourite place in the Shire to spend time: View from the top of Mount Ommanney

Grab some breakfast and a local coffee and make the early morning hike (or drive) up to the top of Mount Ommanney for breathtaking panoramic views of sunrise over Northam. 

Favourite thing about living in the Shire of Northam: I love the small country town feel, saying hello to familiar faces when you walk down the street. We have everything you need but are close enough to the city.

Northam is known for our friendly locals and welcoming vibe. We have all the conveniences of the suburbs with much less traffic!

What is your top tip for visitors to Northam: Check out our tourist drives! My favourite is Katrine Road, interesting historical buildings and ruins, and a beautiful picnic area on the Avon River. Colours always changing with the seasons.

A drive along any of our stunning country roads will end in hours of adventure. Come back at different times throughout the year for a new experience each season.

Tell us about your favourite hidden treasure in the Shire: Maybe not so hidden... but take a walk along the Avon River, behind the Flour mill, towards Burlong Pool. If you're up for an adventure, cross the river on the floating bridge and follow the KEP track back into town.

Our many walk trails have kilometres of adventure just waiting for you. The Dorntj Koorlinny Trail (mentioned above) will take around 90 minutes each way to Burlong Pool- don't miss the hidden car covered in flowers on the riverbank!

What is a ‘must do’ experience if you are only here for one day? Hot Air Ballooning over the Avon Valley without a doubt!

Take a scenic balloon flight over the Avon Valley for a truly breathtaking experience unlike any other.