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Easily missed if you continue down the Great Eastern Highway to Northam from Perth, Clackline is a must-visit if you are passing by. The small and unassuming locality was a settlement was established in the 1880s, being at the junction of the Perth-Newcastle Road and the township was gazetted in 1896. John Forrest (later to become Premier of Western Australia) recorded the name Clackline in 1879, but the origin of the word is unknown.


Once an important junction for the Eastern Railway lines to Northam and Toodyay, Clackline’s rail history is now showcased with the exceptionally maintained railway carriage which now acts as the local post office and can be seen from the Great Eastern Highway.


Not to be missed on your visit to Clackline are the number of heritage listed and historically significant sites, the Clackline Nature Reserve on Refractory Road, and the numerous wildflower and bush walks. Grab a photo of the Clackline Bridge and Clackline Refractory (public entry not permitted, but photos can be taken from close-by), and stop at Avonbrook Wines and Clackline Valley Olives to sample the local produce.

Interesting Fact: The Avro Anson Memorial commemorates four Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) airmen killed when their Avro Anson aircraft crashed near Clackline on 9 October 1942. The memorial site is located on the low side of Avro Anson Road, in a small park approximately five kilometres (3.1 mi) south-east of Clackline. The memorial, assembled by members of the local community in the months following the crash, features a cairn of granite and boulders supporting a jarrah cross. The names and details of the deceased airmen − Flying Officer Lynton Birt, Sergeant Geoffrey Debenham, Sergeant Noel Nixon, and Sergeant Kenneth Hugo − are carved into the cross. Over the years, the memorial was forgotten and lost, overgrown by shrubs and trees. Upon its discovery in the early 1980s, the memorial's history and significance were researched, and it was restored in 1984 by volunteers from the Perth branch of the Royal Australian Air Force Association. Since then, the association has held annual memorial services at the site.