May 2014

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President’s Message

Cr Steve Pollard

Avon Link Train Service
The State budget has allocated Royalties for Regions funds towards a 3 year trial of the Avon Link train service with a revised schedule expected to see more patrons on the train. Congratulations to everyone involved in retaining this service and it is now up to potential users to “get on board” and make the service viable into the future.

Development Commission Investment Blueprints
The 9 development commissions across Western Australia have been developing “Investment Blueprints” to guide investment in a targeted fashion into the future. If you have any questions about these Blueprints, please contact the Wheatbelt Development Commission on 9622 7222.

The Shire is currently rolling out its 2013/14 program of footpath construction with works in Wellington, Selby, Throssell, Northey, and Edmondson Streets, Peel and Jessup Terraces, the riverfront and the Northam Recreation Centre being the beneficiaries.

State and Federal Budgets
There have been some good and some not so good outcomes in the recent State and Federal budgets. The Shire is reviewing its budget position to see what impact the initiatives and restrictions will have on Council’s budget, as we do receive substantial support from both those levels of government including road system support funds and much more.

Water Wise Shower Heads
The Shire is involved with the State Government in swapping inefficient shower heads with efficient ones. Please bring your old shower head and a recent Water Corporation bill to the Shire to get a new shower head for free. This is a limited offer so ring the Shire now on 9622 6100 to ensure we still have stock available.

Western Power Pole Upgrades
Replacement power poles continue to be rolled out across the Shire through State Government funding.Please be aware of traffic management associated with the works to ensure everyone’s safety.

Wundowie Iron Festival
It was great to see another very successful event held at Wundowie last Sunday and congratulations to the organising committee and sponsors for their commitment to this event each year.

Health Laws for Keeping Pets


Thinking of getting a pet sheep, pig, cow or horse? Maybe poultry and roosters? That’s fine if you live on acreage outside of town residential lots. But if you live in town or in a residential area, in order to reduce nuisance the Shire’s Health Laws preclude the keeping of:

horses, pigs, goats, sheep, alpacas or llamas;
more than 20 poultry (poultry are to be kept in a secure enclosure 1.2 m from side and rear boundaries and 15 m from a dwelling house)

There are a number of other regulations in place for example:

If a structure or enclosure used for the keeping of poultry or of pigeons or doves is contrary to the provisions of the Shire of Northam Health Local Laws 2008, an Environmental Health Officer may direct the owner or occupier to remove it.
A person shall not feed a pigeon, dove, seagull, ibis, raven or other wild bird, so as to cause a nuisance or be injurious to health.

Irrespective of where you live, please remember to be considerate of your neighbours.

Shire of Northam Community Assistance Grants Open

Applications for the Shire of Northam Community Assistance Grants are now open for grants in the following categories:

Public Event Grants and Sponsorships
Funding to assist in the delivery of events that demonstrate significant community reach and benefit.

Project Grants
Funding to support innovative responses to community needs, either as whole or target groups. Projects can include development of community facilities, purchase of equipment or delivery of community based programs.

Club Sponsorship
Funding to support clubs in the hosting of major club events or competitions that will bring additional benefits to the Shire of Northam community.

Each funding category has specific eligibility and assessment criteria and applications for these grants close at 4pm on MONDAY 30 JUNE 2014. For grant details and other funding opportunities visit or contact Annique Gray on 9622 6129 or email


Avon Valley Gourment Food & Wine Festival

Avon Valley Food & Wine Festival

Regional Councils Proposal for Greater Collaboration

Avon Regional Organisation of Councils (AROC) is a group of councils that work cooperatively for the benefit of the region and well-being of its communities. The member councils are Northam, Toodyay, Goomalling, Dowerin, Chittering and Victoria Plains. The aim of this group is to create strategic land use planning, tourism management and promotion of the regional area, socioeconomic, environmental and natural resource planning, waste management, seniors accommodation solutions, centralised information technology and rating systems.

Avon Regional Organisation of Councils (AROC) invites proposals from suitably qualified consultants for the following project.

Models for the establishment of a Regional Infrastructure Trust designed specifically for Local Government investment in priority regional projects in a range of areas such as water, housing (including aged housing), medical services, communications and tourism infrastructure.

Proponents are urged to obtain a copy of the project brief before preparing a proposal. The project brief may be obtained by contacting Maria Rebane on (08) 9574 9307 or alternatively emailing

Proposals should be forwarded to the AROC Infrastructure Trust, C/-Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Toodyay, 15 Fiennes Street (PO Box 96) TOODYAY WA 6566 marked “PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL – AROC” or emailed to

The closing date for proposals is 4.00 pm on Friday 6 June 2014.

Concept Plans for Wundowie Skate Park 

Following extensive community consultation earlier this year, skate park specialists Enlocus have completed the concept plans for extension of the Wundowie Skate Park. The park has been designed to enable good flow from the existing facility to enable users to carve around on different objects of varying heights, offering continual interest in the space. The complexity of the design will allow for progression of skills whilst also encouraging younger users into the space, and will be able to be utilised by skateboarders, scooters and BMX riders. The designs are available for viewing at the Wundowie Library, Wundowie Post Office and Shire of Northam website, and the Shire of Northam welcomes comments and feedback, which can be emailed to or by phoning Annique Gray on 9622 6129.

Wundowie Skate Park

Click here to see the designs.

Northam Library RFID


Northam Library is getting ready for the installation of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Data), meaning all items in the library will have new tags which contain electronically stored information on the item. The tagging system will enable fast tracking and identification of all items, as it does not need a line of sight and more than one item can be read at a time.  As part of the system security gates will be installed at the entrance of the library which will assist in effective security and item tracking.






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