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Verge & Weed Management

Shire of Northam Verges Policy.

A verge is the area of land between the kerb and your property boundary. It is the location of public utilities and services such as electricity, gas, and telecommunications. Verge areas are 'Crown Land', but are vested in Council to ensure that the utilities underneath (or the verges themselves) are not damaged. 

The Shire of Northam is responsible for enforcing verge requirements and ensuring utilities located beneath the ground surface are protected and able to be accessed by the Shire and utility providers.

Residents are responsible for maintaining the verge in front of their homes (including corner side verges). Residents are encouraged to maintain the verge area as a matter of course when gardening, and can modify/ beautify the verge area (within reason, and all modifications/ planting must be maintained by you).

All proposals for landscape treatment of the verge require approval from the Shire of Northam. In order for applications to install landscape treatments on the verge to be assessed, property owners are required to submit in writing an outline of the landscape proposal which includes a diagram to illustrate the proposed work including plant species and the layout of any proposed reticulation system(s).

Verge Enhancement Request form

Weed Control And Tree Pruning

The Shire of Northam staff undertake an annual weed spraying program on road verges throughout the Shire. These works are undertaken for noxious weed control, fire prevention, visibility and drainage maintenance. Other noxious weeds are sprayed on an as required basis. Residents may apply to the Chief Executive Officer to exempt their verges from the spraying program providing they give a commitment to maintain their verges and keep them free of noxious weeds.

The Shire of Northam engages a Contractor to remove vegetation under powerlines and for selective prunings.

For trees touching power lines on your verge, please contact Engineering Services. If they are touching the power lines in your yard, it is your responsibility to engage an approved contractor to complete the works.

For further information contact Engineering Services on 9622 6100 or email [email protected].