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Change in Method of Valuation

The Shire of Northam is reviewing the method by which the properties zoned and held for a non-rural purpose are valued. This review is a continuation of the process that was started at the Council Meeting on the 18th August 2010. 

The review considers properties rated using the Unimproved Valuation method, in the following zones; Rural Residential, Rural Small Holdings, Residential R10 & R5, Parks & Recreation, Special Use, General Industry and Light & Service Industry. 

For your information all rateable property within the shire is valued by the Office of the Valuer General. The Valuer General provides details of valuations to the shire for rating purposes. 

The Shire is required, pursuant to Section 6.28 of the Local Government Act 1995, to review and make recommendations to the Minister for Local Government, as to the method of valuation to be used for rating purposes. 

Council has given an undertaking to review the current rating for Unimproved Valuations (UV) in predominately residential and industrial areas within the shire. As part of this review all these lots currently valued using the Unimproved Value (UV) method may be changed to Gross Rental Value (GRV), unless owners are able to provide evidence that their property is used predominantly for rural purposes and that their livelihood is derived from these activities on the property.

Discussion Paper for Change in Method of Valuation

Land Use Declaration Form