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Emergency Service Levy

All WA property owners are required to contribute to the Fire and Emergency Services every year. This is owing to the introduction of the State Government Emergency Services Levy (ESL) on 1 July 2003. This fee is collected by the Shire of Northam on the rates notices in the form of a levy. It is shown on each rates notice as a separate line item and is clearly identified as the "Emergency Services Levy". Please note this is a State Government initiative NOT a Council levy.

To ensure each property owner contributes a fair and just amount, the State has been divided into five categories so properties with access to more emergency services will contribute more. The levy varies from $93 to $468 per annum for residential and vacant land owners while commercial and industrial properties pay a minimum of $93 to a maximum of $93,000 per annum.

Pensioners and seniors who qualify for a rebate on their Rates notices are eligible for the same concession on their ESL charge and this does not affect the total rebate limit that pensioners and seniors can claim on their rates.

All the funds collected are forwarded directly to DFES which then redistributes the money to the various emergency services throughout the State. The levy funds various operating costs, training and capital equipment purchases for the Bush Fire Brigade, Career and Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service and the State Emergency Services.

For further information, please contact DFES on 1300 136 099 (local call cost) or visit the DFES website.