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Shire of Northam Statistics

The Shire of Northam has invested in the development of community and economic profiling tools to help build a greater understanding of the community and economy to attract and direct funding and other support to areas most needed in the community.

Chief Executive Officer Jason Whiteaker said “Access to a rich source of local demographic and economic data gives Council an insight and a framework to make confident, strategic and informed decisions about how to best support the community.”

“The data analysis highlights the changing dynamics in the local economy and this helps Council to identify potential challenges and generate opportunities to influence growth.”

The Shire commissioned ID Consultants to collate local data to create detailed local area profiles. The tools will be available to the public as a shared resource for the community and can be used as a reliable evidence base to strengthen their external submissions and applications.

The community and economic profiling tools can be accessed by following the links below.

For more information please contact the Shire of Northam’s Manager Activation & Communication, Ian Keily on email [email protected].