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Objection To Valuations

The Valuer General's Office provides all property valuations used for Council rating purposes. If you feel your property valuation is too high, you have the right to object to the valuation used to set your rates. This objection, however, only relates to the valuation of your property.

The following conditions apply to lodging an objection:

  • It must be in writing on the correct 'Objection to Valuation' form. These may be obtained from the Council office or from the link below;
  • It is required to be lodged with the Valuer General’s Office within 60 days of the issue date of the rate notice;
  • You must have grounds for the objection, such as the valuation is unfair, unjust, inequitable or incorrect. This can be by itself or comparison to other properties. It can’t just be that you consider the rates too high.

When completing the form, the following information needs to be included:

  • Full details of the property in question;
  • A description of improvements made to the property;
  • The assessment number of the property – this will be on your rate notice;
  • The valuation type and total;
  • The reasons for the valuation objections;
  • Objector's name;
  • Postal address;
  • Telephone number.

For the Objections form and information please click here:

Council staff will be able to provide you with assistance in lodging an objection, however it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the objection form is posted to the Valuer General.

For further information contact Finance Services on 9622 6100, or email [email protected].