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Road Construction & Maintenance

The Shire of Northam has a total of 730 km of constructed roads comprising of 427 km of bitumen and 303 km or gravel or formed roads. Annual construction and maintenance programs are developed in detail from the long term operational plan in the lead up to the Annual Budget endorsement by Council.

Construction works are prioritised based on community needs, current condition and strategic objectives endorsed by Council.

For further information contact the Engineering Services on 9622 6100, or email [email protected]

Gravel Road Maintenance

Gravel roads are graded on a continual cycle throughout the year.  These roads are assessed in advance to determine the most appropriate type of treatment which can vary between a light grade, minor gravel material top-up, rip and grade or a complete gravel re-sheet. These are generally defined as the following:

Light Grade: Pulling loose/ excess material across the road uniformly spreading and compacting.

Rip and Grade: Ripping the existing in-situ material, also pulling loose/ excess material across the road uniformly spreading, mixing with in-situ material, compacting & water binding. In some cases minor import of additional material may be required.

Gravel Re-sheet: Rip and grade practice, also importing bulk material to rebuild the road pavement structure. Gravel Re-Sheet works are generally not considered a maintenance practice rather a reconstruction which will be considered in the annual capital works programs.

The Shire generally endeavours to perform a rip and grade on the continual cycle, however there will be sections of road which do not warrant this treatment and a more appropriate option will be performed. Assessment of maintenance or re-construction needs are performed giving consideration to  many factors such as driver safety, traffic volumes, property access and types of road users  such as school buses or restricted access vehicles etc.

Regular road inspections are conducted throughout the year by the Shire.  However, due to the vast expanse of the road network and constant changing physical and environmental contributing factors, unsealed roads can deteriorate quickly which is unforeseeable. In these circumstances the annual program may be altered to address any higher priority roads that may be identified. For this reason residents and road users are also encouraged to report deteriorating road conditions to assist the Shire with assessing and prioritising road maintenance.

Road defects or safety concerns can be reported by contacting Shire of Northam on 9622 6100 or [email protected]

Whilst the Shire will endeavour to maintain unsealed roads to a serviceable condition within the constraints of available budget and resources, road users will need to drive safely in accordance with existing road conditions.

We are currently operating and targeting grading roads in Zone 2 including;

  • Anderson Road
  • Boase Road
  • Chinganning Road
  • Colgongine Road
  • Douglas Road
  • Hepburn Road
  • Horton Road
  • Talbot West
  • Woottating Road
  • Wundabiniring Road
  • Wariin Road

Click here for Zone Map