Hiring a Council Facility 

The Shire of Northam has a number of facilities available for hire. The fees vary depending on the activity to be conducted, and are set annually by Council. In most cases, a bond will be required to be paid and is refundable on the basis that the facility is in the same condition as it was, prior to hire, i.e. It must be clean and tidied.

Within Northam CBD

Town Hall

Lesser Hall

Jubilee Oval

Henry Street Oval

Sports Hall, Northam Recreation Centre

Hospitality Room, Northam Recreation Centre

Meeting Room, Northam Recreation Centre

Bernard Park


Village Green

Other Facilities Available for Hire

  • Bert Hawke Oval (oval or synthetic turf ONLY, the pavilion is not available for hire)
  • Northam and Wundowie Community Buses (for community groups only, not for individual/private hire)
  • Wundowie Hall
  • Bilya Koort Boodja Meeting Rooms
  • Bilya Koort Boodja Cultural Experiences/Programs
  • Create298 Meeting Room
  • Create298 Shared Workspaces
  • Pools and/or individual Lap Lanes
  • AROC Equipment (mobile toilet van, portable lighting tower)

Facilities that are not for hire

The following facilities are classed as public open spaces and therefore cannot be booked/hired. You may use this space for parties but you may not block any entrances/exits/equipment as the space is open to the public.

  • Bernard Park (for large events or gatherings where you require power, you will need to contact the Bookings Officer at the Recreation Centre to book the Sound Shell)
  • Youth Precinct (Skate Park)

How to Book a Facility

If you would like to book a Bilya Koort Boodja meeting room or a cultural program, please contact the BKB on 6608 0331 or via email bkbadmin@northam.wa.gov.au.

If you would like to book a Create298 meeting room or shared workspace, please contact Create298 on 6608 0234 or via email csadmin@northam.wa.gov.au.

If you would like to book a piece of AROC Equipment (mobile toilet van or portable lighting tower), please contact the Northam Depot on 6608 0511 or via email esao@northam.wa.gov.au

If you would like to book another facility, please contact the Bookings Officer at the Recreation Centre on 6608 0614 or via email bookings@northam.wa.gov.au.

If the facility you require is available, please complete a booking form.

Download the booking hire form here.

Northam Bus Booking Form

Wundowie Bus Booking Form  

For further information contact the Recreation Centre's Bookings Officer on 6608 0614 or email bookings@northam.wa.gov.au.

Other Shire Facilities Available for Hire (contact external organisations directly)

Bakers Hill Recreation Centre

Contact: Bakers Hill Progress Association
bakershillprogress@gmail.com  or 0407 756 114

Clackline Hall

Contact: Clackline Progress Association
eadine37@bigpond.com or 9574 1413

Grass Valley Hall

Contact: Grass Valley Progress Association
arborist@westnet.com.au or 0428 950 813

Quellington Hall

Contact: Quellington Progress and Sporting Association
chrismarris@westnet.com.au or 0477 437 212

Northam BMX Track

Contact: BMX Northam

Wundowie Oval

Contact: Wundowie Progress Association
wundowiepa@gmail.com or 0407440573

Wundowie Football Club Rooms

Contact: Terry Little