Applicable Fees

Building Permit Application Fee

The building permit application fee is based on the estimated value of construction, with a minimum of $159.35. A percentage of the estimated value of construction applies over that, and varies between residential and commercial.

Building Services Levy

Building Services Levy is payable to the permit authority at the time an application for a building, demolition or occupancy permit or building approval certificate is made.

Construction Training Fund Levy

This levy is payable on application for building permit applications where the estimated construction value is $20,000 or more and calculated at the rate of 0.2% of the total value of construction.

Infrastructure Bond

The Shire of Northam has previously experienced damage to its roads, footpaths, verges and kerbs during periods of building and construction. To enable the Shire to protect its assets the Shire will require an infrastructure permit and a refundable bond to repair any damage to its original condition if required.

More information in relation to the Infrastructure Bond can be found here.

Infrastructure Permit Application Form

Infrastructure Bond Refund Form