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Rate Instalments

Council provides three methods of payment for ratepayers. Rates may either be paid in full, or in instalments.

Your first rate instalment is due 35 days after the rate notices are issued and the three remaining instalments are due every two months after that. Instalment due dates and amounts will be specified on your original rate notice, but as a gentle reminder and as a courtesy to the customer, a reminder is also sent.

Ratepayers are entitled to pay the instalments if:

  • All arrears are paid with the first instalment.
  • The first payment is made by the due date.

Administration fees do apply if you choose to pay your rates by instalments.

  • An administration fee will apply to cover the cost of mailing, receipting and monitoring the instalment plan.
  • Instalment interest charges.
  • The interest rate is 7% per annum is calculated on a simple interest method.
  • The following options are available to ratepayers:

Option 1 - Payment in full by Friday, 7th October 2022

Pay your rates in full by the due date and you will automatically be entered into the draw for the early payment Incentive Competition. Details of the prizes are included with your Rates notice.

Option 2 - (Two instalments) or Option 3 (Four instalments)

1st instalment of each Option is due by Friday, 7th October 2022.

There will be an instalment charge applicable to Option 2 or Option 3. The additional amount will be detailed on your rate notice and will be incorporated into the instalment payments.

To be eligible to pay by instalments the first amount on OPTION 2 or 3 shown on your Rates Notice MUST be paid by the due date, otherwise this option is forfeited and the full amount becomes due.

Alternative Payment Arrangement

Requests for alternative payment arrangements must be notified to the Shire Rates Officer prior to Friday, 4th November 2022.

Please be aware that penalties will be incurred.

Instalment plans may be revoked if ratepayers fail to pay instalments as they become due.

For further information contact the Shire of Northam on 9622 6100, or email [email protected].