Lodging a Building Permit Application

Step 1: Preparing your application

A building application is required for nearly all buildings and structures to be erected (click here for a detailed list), with the exception of the items listed in Schedule 4, Part 2 of the Building Regulations 2012. Note that Demolition Applications, Building Approval Certificates and other building form submissions follow the same submission process.

All building applications to be lodged will consist of a:

  1. Building Application Checklist
  2. Building Application Form
  3. And all items required for your application as listed in the Building Application Checklist.

Note that:

  • For a certified or uncertified building application, you must include a stormwater management plan and details. Information about stormwater management can be found on the stormwater information sheet on our Information Sheets page.
  • More details on the information that is required on the plans to include with your application is available here.
  • Applications with a project value of over $20,000 will require a payment receipt for the Construction Training Fund (CTF) Levy (paid online) and the completion of an Infrastructure Bond Application Form (see Part B below). Both of these items will need to be included with your application.

If you wish to have your application reviewed by the Shire's Senior Building Surveyor or require assistance with preparing your application, it is strongly advised that you schedule an appointment to meet and discuss your application prior to visiting our administration building. You can contact our Building Services Department on (08) 9622 6100 or by emailing records@northam.wa.gov.au and addressing your email to 'Building Services' in the subject line.


Application forms and checklists required can be downloaded from the lists below.


Part A: Required Documents for all Building Applications

Select the application form(s) and checklist relevant to the type of application you are submitting. The below forms and checklists will match up with the same BA form number (i.e. BA1 Application Form and BA1 Checklist):

Building Application Checklists

  1. BA1 Certified Building Application Checklist - For use if you have a BA3 Certificate of Design Compliance Form issued to you.
  2. BA2 Uncertified Dwelling Application Checklist - For dwellings (houses) and other habitable structures.
  3. BA2 Uncertified Outbuildings Application Checklist - For sheds, carports, water tanks, stables, and all other uncertified applications.
  4. BA2 Uncertified Swimming Pool Application Checklist - For private (residential) swimming pools and spas.
  5. BA5 Demolition Application Checklist - For all demolition work
  6. BA9 Occupancy Application Checklist - For a Commercial Class 2-9 Building in order to occupy and use the structure.
  7. BA13 Building Approval Certificate Application Checklist - For Unauthorised Structures where retrospective approval is required.

Building Application Forms

  1. BA1 Certified Building Application Form - For applications where a private building certifier has been used (you will have a BA3 Form issued to you)
  2. BA2 Uncertified Building Application Form - For all building applications where a private building certified has not been used.
  3. BA5 Demolition Application Form - For all demolition work
  4. BA9 Commercial Occupancy Permit Application Form - For a Commercial Class 2-9 Building in order to occupy and use the structure.
  5. BA13 Building Approval Certificate (BAC) Application Form - For Unauthorised Structures where retrospective approval is required.
  6. BA19 Amend a Building Permit Application Form (click here for more information about when to use this form)
  7. BA22 Extend Time on an existing Building/Demolition Permit Application Form
  8. BA23 Extend Time on an existing Occupancy/Building Approval Certificate (BAC) Permit Application Form

Building Notice Forms

  1. BA7 Notice of Completion Form - For the completion of building permit construction/demolition works.
  2. BA8 Notice of Cessation Form - For changing the builder or demolition contractor on an existing permit.
  3. BA20 Encroach or Affect Other Land Form - For applications with works/structures that enter into other property owners' lands.
  4. BA20A Request for Consent - For access to other property owners' land, or removal of a dividing fence or wall.


Part B: Required Documents for Applications with a project value over $20,000

If your project is over $20,000, you will need the above Building Application Checklist and Application Form relevant for the type of your application, plus all of the following items:

  1. Construction Training Fund (CTF) Levy Receipt - Paid online at https://ctf.wa.gov.au/industry/bcitf-levy/ (refer to the 'Payment of the Levy' section)
  2. Infrastructure Bond Application Form - Infrastructure bonds are refundable subject to the conditions listed in the application form.
  3. Infrastructure Bond Pre-Construction Site Photos – As detailed on the Infrastructure Bond Application Form. These must be submitted with your application. A general guide is to supply photos from various angles (left, right, and front views) which show the driveway/crossover, verge area, and the road (including any kerbs). Additional photos may be required for some applications.


Part C: Building Application Fees and Charges

For information on the list of application fees and charges that apply to your application, please visit the Building Application Fees & Charges page.

If you have completed an Infrastructure Bond Application Form, the following fees apply in addition to standard application fees and charges:

  • Infrastructure Bond Admin Fee - $183.00
  • Infrastructure Bonds: $1000.00 for a Residential Project, and $1500.00 for a Commercial Project.




Step 2: Lodging your application

When you have checked to ensure all of the required documents are together and your application forms have been completed in full, your application can be submitted altogether to the Building Services Department. Note that incomplete applications will be rejected. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all items required are included as per the Building Application Checklist.


Lodging Online

The Shire of Northam is keen to reduce paper wastage and other non-renewable resources, and encourages building permit applications to be submitted electronically. This is especially important when many documents make up the application.

Your fully completed application consisting of an:

  1. Application Form
  2. Application Checklist
  3. All relevant plans and other documentation

should be emailed altogether to records@northam.wa.gov.au and titled with the subject line ‘Building Application - [Your Address]’.

Note: Applications that are emailed (with payment details included on the checklist) can be processed faster. If you are unable to include all attachments in one email, attachments can be sent separately – emails should however be shown to be related by using the above subject line naming convention.

Applications may also be submitted via post or in person. Application fees must be paid in full before your application can be processed.




Step 3: Application assessment

Your Building Application will be reviewed by our Building, Planning and Health Departments as required. Applications can vary from several days to several weeks to receive your approved Building Permit. Building legistation states that Local Governments have 10 working days for the assessment of Certified Building Applications and 25 working days for Uncertified Building Applications.


  • Insufficient information in your application will delay the assessment process. The applicant, owner, and/or builder will be notified in writing if additional information is required. As information is missing, your application will be placed on hold (assessment timeframes will be paused) until all of the required information is received and is deemed satisfactory.
  • The Building Services Department begins its assessment of your application after a review has been completed from the Planning, and Health Departments as required. Each department has its own timeframes for application assessment, in accordance with legislation.




Step 4: Application outcome

The applicant, owner, and/or builder will be notified on the outcome of your building application. Successful applications result in a Building Permit which will be emailed and/or mailed to the party(s) listed on the application form. Your construction and/or demolition works which have been approved can then commence within the duration approved on your permit.





Step 5: Requirements upon completion of your project

Notice of Completion: Upon the completion of your building/demolition works, you are required to submit the BA7 Notice of Completion Form (issued with your original permit) to the Shire of Northam within seven (7) days of the completion of the works. Failure to submit this notice of completion attracts a penalty of up to $10,000.

Infrastructure Bond: If you were charged an Infrastructure Bond, you will need to submit the Infrastructure Bond Refund Form (issued with your original permit) at the same time to accompany the Notice of Completion. Your refund application submission will then be processed and assessed for eligibility of a refund of the Infrastructure Bond. Note that your application will not proceed without post-works photos or any missing information.

These forms can be emailed to records@northam.wa.gov.au with the subject title as 'Notice of Completion - Permit No. [Permit number] - [Property address]'.