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G 1.1 Council Members - Training and Continuing Professional Development

G 1.2 Attendance at Events - Council Members and the Chief Executive Officer

G 1.4 Code of Conduct for Councillors, Committee Members and Candidates

G 1.5 Legal Representation for Council Members and Employees

G 1.6 Approval of annual & long service leave for the CEO and appointment of an Acting CEO

G 1.7 Senior Employees

G 1.8 Risk Management

G 1.9 Council and Committee Member and Staff Interactions and Requests for Information

G 1.10 Communications and Social Media

G 1.11 Corporate Uniform – Council Members

G 1.12 Smoking & Vaping

G 1.13 Alcohol Consumption

G 1.14 Gratuity, Gifts and Service Milestones

G 1.15 Code of Conduct – Employees, Volunteers, Contractors and Agency Staff

G 1.16 Acceptable Use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Resources – Council Members

G 1.18 Credit Card Use

G 1.19 Public Interest Disclosure

G 1.20 Organisational Structure

G 1.21 Elected Members Leave of Absence

G 1.22 Work Health & Safety

G 1.23 Code of Conduct Behaviour Complaints Management

G 1.24 Authorising Documents and Affixing the Common Seal

G 1.25 Fraud and Corruption Control

G 1.26 Condolences and Bereavement

G 1.28 Live Streaming and Recording of Council Meetings


C 3.1 Community Grants Program

C 3.2 Shire of Northam Library Service

C 3.3 Art Policy

C 3.4 Write Off / Waive Fees or Debts

C 3.5 Recognition of High Achievers


F 4.2 Procurement

F 4.3 Investment

F 4.5 End of Year Surplus

F 4.6 Asset Disposal

F 4.7 Annual and Long Service Liability

F 4.8 Rates Hardship

F 4.10 Vehicle & Plant Management

F 4.11 Budget Variation Reporting


W 5.1 Engineering - Technical Specifications - For Constructions of Subdivisions, Roads & Stormwater Drains

W 5.2 Crossovers

W 5.3 Road Building Materials - Gravel

W 5.4 Notice of Entry for Public Services & Utilities

W 5.5 Street Tree

W 5.6 Verges

W 5.7 Asset Management

W 5.8 Heavy Haulage Cost Recovery

W 5.9 Commemorative Memorials & Plaques in Reserves


LPP2 General Development Guidelines

LPP3 Small Homes, Transportable, Repurposed & Secondhand Dwellings

LPP5 Use of Sea Containers & Other Similar Storage Structures

LPP7 Development and Subdivision Contribution

LPP8 Retrospective Planning Applications and Fees

LPP9 Northam Airport Development

LPP10 Developments Abutting Rights of Way

LPP11 Tree Preservation Grevillea St

LPP12 Animal Establishments

LPP13 Ancillary Dwellings & Workers Accommodation

LPP14 Farm Stay Accommodation and Bed and Breakfast Establishments

LPP15 Rural Residential Subdivision Requirements

LPP16 Advertising Signage

LPP17 Industrial Development

LPP18 Heritage Precincts & Design Guidelines

LPP19 Rural Residential Design Guidelines

LPP20 Advertising of Planning Proposals

LPP21 Extractive Industries

LPP23 Outbuildings Residential & Mixed Use Zones

LPP24 Outbuildings in the Rural Residential - Rural Small Holding & Rural Zones

LPP25 Spencers Brook Special Control Area (SCA)

LPP26 Container Deposit Infrastructure


H 6.1 ALFRESCO – Outdoor Eating in Public Place

H 6.2 Short Term Use of Shire Ovals and Reserves for Accommodation

H 6.4 Temporary Accommodation during Construction of a Dwelling

H 6.5 Disused Motor Vehicles

H 6.6 Conversion of Class 10 Buildings to Class 1 Habitable Buildings

H 6.7 Portable Signs on Thoroughfares

H 6.8 Political Issues Signs

H 6.9 Trading on Thoroughfares & Public Places

H 6.10 Designated Aerobic Treatment Unit Area


B 7.1 Amalgamation of Lot for Building Sites

B 7.2 Retaining Walls

B 7.3 Roof Drainage - Townsites

B 7.4 Signs – Building Permit Requirements


A 8.1 Policy on Harvest, Vehicle Movement and/or Hot Works Bans

A 8.2 Policy for Children on a Fire Ground

A 8.3 Records Management

A 8.4 Complaints Management

A 8.5 Property Management (Leases and Licences)

A 8.6 Consent to Consume Liquor in or on a Council Property (Public Place)


R 9.1 Multiple Dog