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Frequently Asked Questions


Q – Does a Retaining Wall need a Building Permit?

A – A “minor” retaining wall not exceeding 0.5m in height generally does not require a Building Permit. This excludes additions to existing retaining walls (ie increasing retained height).

Should your proposed retaining wall be higher than 0.5m you will need to obtain a Building Permit and in some instances you may also need to obtain planning approval.

Q – What forms will I need for a Building Permit application?

A - Generally an application for a new dwelling or shed requires a BA1 for a Certified Application or a BA2 for an Uncertified Application. The shire has checklists to provide a list of requirements. Refer to the website for further information, forms and checklists here.

All instructions for customers to submit a building permit application along with application forms, checklists, and common information are available on this page.

Q – What are the setback requirements?

A - Generally for a residential site (dwellings and sheds) the setback for building is 0.9m to the side and rear boundaries, however the setbacks will vary in the Residential Design Codes. Refer to Planning for further information.

Q – What are the Building Application Fees?

A - Building Fees are dependent on the Value of Work. Levies and Infrastructure Bonds may also be applicable. Refer to the checklists on the website for further information here.

Q – Do I need a registered builder?

A - Generally any building works with a value of more than $20 000 will require a registered builder or an owner builder permit. Farm Sheds for agricultural use, retaining walls and pools do not require a registered builder.

Q – Does my building require building approval?

A – Generally consider that a building requires building approval unless exempt by the Building Act 2011. The following structures do require a building permit:

  1. A shed with a floor area greater than 10m2 and more than 2.4m high.
  2. Construction of a pool and pool fence.
  3. Construction of a pergola that is more than 2.4m high and covers an area >20m2
  4. Construction of a water tank with a capacity of more than 5000 litres

Q – I have finished building my dwelling or outbuilding, what do I do now?

A – Fill in the missing sections of the Notice of Completion supplied with your building permit and return to the Shire with copies of any inspections or test documents if required by the Approved Building Permit. The shire does not generally do inspections on dwellings and outbuildings. Notice of Completion forms are also available from this page, under step 4 - Click Here

Q – Can I get building plans?

A – The Shire may have copies of building plans although older buildings may not have any plans,

Plan search request forms are available online here: All common FAQs related to searches are on this page.

Drainage Plumbing Diagrams must be completed by plumbers and submitted to the Building commission website and you can search if there is one for your property – google “drainage plumbing diagrams” or go to this website