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Plan Search Request

A Plan Search Request is used when it is desired to obtain plans and/or documents from our Building, Planning, or Health Departments. Documents and plans can include Building Permits and Approvals, Building Plans from previously approved structures on a property, and Health and Planning Approvals or Permits. Copies of building related plans generally include architectural and engineering drawings and associated documents where available and indicated on your application.

The Shire of Northam wishes to advise that starting from 17 April 2024, our hard copy records for Building/Planning applications prior to 2000 will be temporarily off-site for approximately 2 months. The records will undergo scanning to create electronic copies before they deteriorate excessively. During this time, accessing or searching these plans will be limited, excluding urgent matters. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Important Information

To request plans and/or relevant documents, you will need to download and fully complete the below Plan Search Application Form. Please note that the application fee listed on the application form (under the approximate age of building field) applies to all search requests and is non-refundable in the event that plans cannot be located after council officers complete an extensive search of record facilities.

Do you need to complete a Plan Search Request?
If you are looking for information and plans/layouts relating to underground cables, sewerage, or water, this can be obtained for free by visiting Dial Before You Dig ( or contacting the Water Corporation.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Estimated Completion Time

The estimated time to receive plans/documents for your application depends on the approximate age of the structure(s) you have listed on the application. Newer structure(s) can usually be located sooner, as records may be digitally stored and accessible. Older plan search applications may take up to several weeks for a thorough records search of off-site archive record facilities.

2. Can I submit an application if I am not the property owner?

Plan Search Requests can be requested by the property owner(s) or by other person(s) on behalf of the property owner(s), however all applications will require the property owner's authorisation and signature as listed on the application form. Additional information may be required such as a letter or document expressing consent from the property owner(s).

3. I am unsure of the estimated year of construction for a structure, what should I do?

Please attempt to provide the best estimate of the year of construction for the desired structure(s) you wish to obtain plans/documents for. We will conduct our search based on the information provided. Note that older plans and documents prior to the year 2000 are ideally located with a specific year provided on the application form.


Download the Plan Search Application Form:

    Plan Search Request Application Form


    Submitting Your Application

    Your fully completed Plan Search Request can be emailed to [email protected] with the subject ‘Plan Search Request - Your Address’.

    Please Note: Applications that are emailed (with payment details provided) to the above email address can be processed faster.