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You Asked, We Responded

In order to shape the future direction of the Shire of Northam, we went out to the community via a series of surveys, workshops, and consultations and have used this feedback to set out path for the next 5-10 years with a new strategic community plan which will be officially launched on September 8 at the community sundowner event. The plan will then be available for public viewing on the Shire of Northam website on September 9. 

The Shire of Northam Plan for the Future 2022-2032 has been carefully formulated in response to your feedback, and contains tangible timeframes for important changes you can expect to see around the Shire. 

Below are a number of areas you asked to see improvement in, along with the specific ways in which we have responded in our planning. 

Please REGISTER HERE to attend the Community Launch Sundowner on September 8. It is free to attend and refreshments will be provided. 

Better Industry Improved Footpaths