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You asked for...Cleaner waterways

You asked for cleaner waterways and more emphasis put onto maintenance of the Avon River as one of our primary assets.   


We have responded by already undertaking a substantial island rehab program to reduce rates of erosion around the river. We will be advocating for the State Government to improve the health of both the Avon and Mortlock Rivers, and will develop an Avon River Town Pool management plan, as well as providing support for environmental community projects to care for and conserve the local environment.


Furthermore, we have recognised the need to activate the area, and as such have considered this in the formulation of our trails masterplan, as well as committing to facilitate activation of the river with non-swimming activities.  


We have planned to begin implementing many of these initiatives over the next 2 years, although many of the results will become apparent in the fourth year or beyond of our Plan for the Future.