Fire Bans

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) declares Total Fire Bans. Visit their website at for further information on Fire and Emergency Services. 

Total Fire Ban Legislation

Download the fact sheet here.

Harvest and Vehicle Movement and Hot Works Bans

All persons within the Shire are required to comply with these bans under the provisions of the Bush Fires Act.

 A Harvest Ban requires the cessation of all harvesting operations within the Shire of Northam.

  • A Vehicle Movement ban does not permit the movement of vehicles on properties within the Shire of Northam except for the essential watering of stock in a diesel powered vehicle.
  • A Hot Works ban is defined as a ban on the outdoor use of all welding, grinding and abrasive tools on properties within the Shire of Northam. Exemptions in accordance with Council Policy may be available. Further information is available by contacting Shire of Northam (08) 9622 6100.

Harvest, Vehicle Movement and Hot Works Bans means;

  • The use of vehicles in paddocks is not permitted unless using a diesel vehicle for the purpose of watering and tending of livestock
  • Use or operation of any engine, vehicle, plant, equipment or machinery in the area likely to cause a bush fire or contribute to the spread of a bush fire.
  • Any “hot works” (e.g. welding, grinding, cutting, heating etc.) in the “open air” is not permitted,

A Harvest Vehicle Movement and Hot works Ban will be advertised on the Shire of Northam Website or by 24 / 7 from the Harvest Ban Phone Line on (08) 9621 1120.

Where possible on ABC Radio 531AM, Radio West 864 AM.

Ban updates can be obtained or via a free SMS service which is available upon request from the Shire of Northam (08) 9622 6100