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What Is A Community Group?

A Community Group is a group of people who come together to pursue a common cause or interest for the good of their community.  A community can be a geographic area, ie Northam, or it can be group of like-minded people, ie seniors or sport.  Community groups are run and managed by volunteers, and are bound by their own constitution or set of rules.


Please visit www.volunteeringwa.org.au which has a free service where Community Groups can list their requirements for volunteers, and volunteers can search for positions within their area / interests.

‘Advertising’ Guidelines

The Shire of Northam Website, Noticeboard, Newsletter and Facebook page are provided to promote programs, events and activities that are initiated by the Shire of Northam.  A Shire program / event / activity is one that is being coordinated by the Shire or has received Community funding through the Shire. 

Major events organsised by other parties may be placed on the website Calendar if they are targeted at the wider community and provide significant community benefit. Please notify the community development team via email if you have an event planned that may be eligible for promotion on the Shire website.

Where else can programs / events / activities be promoted locally?

Community promotionial options
Northam Visitor Centre vcm@northam.wa.gov.au
Avon Valley Advocate timothy.williams@fairfax.com.au
Avon Valley Gazette sophie.gabrielle@communitynews.com.au
Northam Chamber of Commerce info@northamchamber.com.au
Avon Valley Local Guide ansluik@iinet.net.au
RadioWest 9622 2777
Community Noticeboard: Boulevard Shopping Centre 9622 1359

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