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Keeping more than 2 dogs

Shire of Northam Council has recently approved the updated Multiple Dog Policy. You can read the full version here, but a summary of the policy is as follows.

As stated in the Shire of Northam Dog Amendment Local Law 2018, properties in the Shire of Northam have limits on the number of dogs that can be kept on the property.

The owners will need to apply to keep more than two dogs and up to 6 dogs, over the age of 3 months. All dogs that reside on the property will need to be registered.

The following circumstances will only be considered by the Shire of Northam Council for approval of the additional dogs, with each application assessed on its merits.

  1. To replace an elderly dog or sick dog not expected to live, that is already registered to the subject property;
  2. A family emergency resulting in the dog being inherited.
  3. Merging of two households to the maximum amount of dogs allowed;
  4. Where the applicants have approval to keep the subject additional dog or dogs in another local government area; or
  5. In premises over the 40 hectare requirement, the dog or dogs are required for stock management or to be on the premises temporarily for the purposes of training for stock management.

Owners will need to fill out the “Application for a 3-6 Dog Permit (Not a Kennel)” form, ensuring both pages are filled out and an explanation on why needing more than 3 dogs.

Pay the application fee as prescribed in the Shire of Northam Fees and Charges and ensure that existing dogs on the permit are registered with the Shire at that location.

Correspondence will be sent out to your surrounding neighbours to comment on the application.

Once the application and comments have been received and assessed, Ranger Services will contact you to organise a day and time to inspect the property.

Part of the procedure is also to take into account the history of the dogs with Ranger Services.

Keeping more than 2 dogs without an approved multiple dog permit will result in reducing the number of dogs to the prescribed numbers, until an application is received, and the process has been followed. Fines may be imposed also.

For more information, contact the Shire of Northam Ranger Services