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You asked for...New industry

You asked for more focus to be placed on offering incentives to attract new business and industry to Northam, and to creating more jobs for locals.   


We have responded by committing over the next 12 months to provide a promotional campaign to communicate key messaging in our Investment Prospectus, as well as to develop a platform to showcase business success stories, and to partnering with the Wheatbelt Development Commission to market the Avon Industrial Park to its full extent.


The above initiatives in addition to the $1,000,000 industry attraction incentive fund already launched will form a solid basis for future expansion in this area.


Did you know that there has been an increase of 533 full time equivalent employment opportunities in Northam since 2016.


Did you know that the jobs to residents ratio for the Shire of Northam in 2020/21 was 1.04, meaning that there were more jobs than resident workers in our Shire.