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Ready.Set.Go is Northam’s collaborative brand identity, assisting us with presenting a unified approach for everything Northam. The brand has been developed by the Shire of Northam, in conjunction with a number of key community members, and marketing organisation Juicebox.

A series of workshops were held with key community groups and members of the Northam community covering all sectors. Following the workshop process, the Ready.Set.Go brand framework was developed to represent Northam as a vibrant, growing regional centre. It was identified that 3 primary areas of focus should be considered by the brand, and these are as follows:


Business, education, & industry

Eg: Ready for business



Eg: Set for Social Sports


Tourism & Events

Eg: Go for Events

The Ready.Set.Go brand is made up of a palette of 6 colours, which are intended to be symbolic of the 6 Nyoongar seasons in the region. In each use of the brand, the primary colour (Northam Canola) is to be used alongside one of the other brand colours.

Businesses, sporting, and community groups are encouraged to use this brand in all communications, and Shire of Northam staff are on hand to assist with any enquiries you may have about how you can make Ready.Set.Go work for you and your organisation, and to develop artwork for you at no cost.

Ready.Set.Go Brand Usage Guidelines