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Business Opportunity 

The Shire of Northam is flowing with opportunity and prosperity

Boasting a wide range of services, accommodation, education, medical, leisure and recreational facilities, the Shire of Northam is capable of catering for all interests and lifestyles. Over the past two to three years the Shire of Northam has been through a period of significant investment across a range of sectors - it really is an exciting place to be and invest, with a very strong and agile future.


An Investment Prospectus has been developed by the Shire of Northam to give potential business developers an insight in to the community. This will assist an informed decision about why the Shire of Northam is the perfect place to locate your business. 

The majority of available office and retail space is located in the Northam CBD and the possibilities for successful business in this location are almost unlimited. Analysis by the Northam Chamber of Commerce has identified a variety of market gaps that present exciting opportunities for new businesses in the Shire. You can view the identified business types for which the market is ready and waiting HERE

The Shire of Northam Popup Shop is available for potential new retail business developers to test the market and build interest in a product or service prior to committing to a full lease agreement. 

Do you want to find out more about investing in the Shire of Northam? Contact the Shire of Northam's Chief Executive Officer Debbie Terelinck by telephone (08) 9622 6100 or email [email protected].  

Investment Prospectus