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Building Application Fees and Charges

There are various fees associated with submitting a Building Permit Application, as legislated in the Building Regulations 2012. The fees are based on estimated value of construction with a minimum charge and vary for each application.


Building Applications Fee Types

  • Building Application Fee - Standard fee for all applications
  • Building Services Levy - payable for a building, demolition, occupancy permit or building approval certificate.

For applications with a project value of over $20,000:

  • Construction Training Fund (CTF) Levy - payable for all building/demolition applications. This levy is paid online at (refer to the 'Payment of the Levy' section) and your payment receipt will be needed prior to your application submission to the Shire.
  • Infrastructure Bond - The Shire of Northam has previously experienced damage to its roads, footpaths, verges and kerbs during periods of building and construction. To enable the Shire to protect its assets the Shire will require an infrastructure permit and a refundable bond to repair any damage to its original condition if required. An non-refundable application fee of $190.00 applies and a refundable bond of $1080 for residential purpose and $1620 for commercial purpose applications. More information on Infrastructure Bonds is available here.

Details on submitting your application can be found on the page for Lodging a Building Permit Application. You can calculate fees for yourself or it can be done for you when you submit your application by leaving the payment amount blank.


List of Building Application Fees

In general, standard Certified and Uncertified Building Applications (with a project value of under $20,000) will total $171.65 as of 1st July 2023. If your application is another type of application or exceeds a project value of $20,000, refer to the checklist for standard fees for your application.

More Information

The official list of legislated application fees with more information can be found on the Building Commission's Website which will reflect the table above. The Shire may also have additional fees for the processing of some larger applications as detailed above in the 'Building Application Fee Types' section. Note that Retrospective Approval Building Application fees may vary from the above table and are based on your application project value.

If you are unsure about the fees for your application, please contact the Shire on (08) 9622 6100 or email [email protected] and address your email to 'Building Services'.


Infrastructure Bond Refunds

Infrastructure Bond refunds can only be issued to the payee of the bond from the application process and only if there are no new damages to Shire infrastructure. Pre-works photos will be required during the building permit application process and will be compared to post-works photos you will be required to take in order to assess the site for a potential refund.

Upon the completion of your building/demolition works, you are required to submit the BA7 Notice of Completion Form (issued with your original permit) to the Shire of Northam within seven (7) days of the completion of the works. To obtain your Infrastructure Bond Refund, you will need to submit the Infrastructure Bond Refund Form (issued with your original permit) at the same time to accompany the Notice of Completion. Your refund application submission will then be processed and assessed for eligibility of a refund of the Infrastructure Bond. Note that your application will not proceed without post-works photos or any missing information.

Forms can be emailed to [email protected] with the subject title as 'Notice of Completion - Permit No. [Permit number] - [Property address]'.