March 2015

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Cr Steve Pollard

President’s Message

Project Update
The Shire has a number of projects it is working on delivering including:

1. Bakers Hill oval reticulation and water pipeline from Wundowie

This project is largely completed with the pipeline and tanks in place. Improvements to the oval surface will occur over time.

2. Northam Race Club recycled water
The Shire is one of a number of parties involved in delivering treated recycled water to the Race Club. Unfortunately, a contractual dispute has occurred with one of the initial stages. The dispute is being mediated but it means our pumping equipment upgrades, which were to occur as part of this project, are largely on hold pending the resolution of the contractual issues.

3. Bernard Park swan enclosure
We have undertaken a review of the current arrangement and are looking to remove the barrier fencing in favour of perimeter fencing, which will allow a greater level of public access to the area and greater visual amenity. We are mindful of the protection that the enclosure provides to the white swans during their breeding cycle and additional consultation will occur following concept development.

4. Northam town centre drainage study and stages 1 and 2 implementation
We are the recipients of $1.02m from Royalties for Regions which will go a long way towards rectifying the poor drainage outcomes, along Minson Avenue in particular. Works also involve completing the piping of the King Creek drain from Wellington Street through Fitzgerald Street.

5. Wundowie skate park and youth space
This project is now nearing implementation with planning complete and support funding applications lodged.

6. Wundowie storm water harvesting
Stage 1 of this project is largely complete with installation of the dam cover complete.

7. Northam Train Station (West Northam) parking modifications
This project is expected to be undertaken in the next few months and involves removing the front gardens then reinstating the car park, consistent with the previous heritage of the building.

8. Age Friendly Communities
This is a new initiative where we have undertaken an audit of existing Council owned buildings relating to ease of physical access. We are now looking to access grants of up to $60k to commence addressing the shortfall in infrastructure identified.

9. Hugo Throssell VC statue
The Shire has commissioned a statue of our Northam born Victoria Cross recipient resulting from military action in Gallipoli during World War One. The statue is intended to be officially launched on 25th April to mark the 100 years since the first landing at Gallipoli.

Drum Muster March 2015

The next drumMUSTER collection will be on Tuesday 31 March 2015. To be allocated a time please contact Susan Burley at the Shire of Northam on 9622 6113, with your number of drums.
The drums need to be cleaned with a high pressure spray or triple rinsed. Once the containers are brought in, they are crushed or shredded and transformed into practical items such as plastic cable covers, wheelie bins and cement reinforcing bar chairs. To learn more about drumMuster visit their website at 


Community Grants

The Shire of Northam 2015/2016 Community Grants round is now open and will close on 15 April 2015 (4.00 pm).

Community Grants will be available to non-profit community based organisations, sporting groups and schools that implement a project or an event that is of benefit to the community.

For further information including grant guidelines and application forms, please contact the Shire’s Community Development Officer Michelle Blackhurst on 9622 6129 or

New CCTV Systems

The Shire of Northam has secured funding through the Community Crime Prevention Fund to install additional closed circuit television (CCTV) systems at identified hotspots in the Northam CBD.

The new extension to the existing network will enable 360 degree surveillance of the intersection of Fitzgerald Street and Peel Terrace, with views up Fitzgerald street and across to the car dealerships in Peel Terrace.

The high definition cameras allow Police to identify faces and number plates over a considerable distance even in low light situations.

This project aims to address antisocial behavior such as hooning, assault, property damage, graffiti and theft. The CCTV systems will encourage a reduction in criminal activity and anti-social behaviour as well as instilling a greater sense of security in the community.

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