July 2015

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Cr Steve Pollard

President’s Message

Budget 2015/16
The Shire has endorsed a draft 2015/16 budget which includes the following:

Rate revenue
Increase of 3.5%. This is below our long term financial plan forecast of 5% as we are mindful of the financial stress many are feeling, partly due to reductions in State and Federal Government direct financial support. We have some cost increases well above inflation to absorb and the executive management team has been able to contain some of our cost centres with better efficiencies

Northam Recreation Centre main hall air conditioning $500k
The centre was designed to be self sufficient in terms of air temperature management however the system used has been demonstrated to be largely ineffective, particularly on hot summer days. We are investigating new technologies rather than the standard off the shelf evaporative or reverse cycle systems. Heat exchangers and geo-thermal deep cycle systems have lower operating costs and may be a better long term solution.

Main street streetscape $100k
This enables places like the Avon Mall to be enhanced to promote more user friendly, less harsh areas. Wireless internet has been installed in that area to make access to the internet available to mobile technologies.

No Concerts in the Park
Council has resolved to give these annual concerts a rest this year, partly as we have El Caballo Blanco putting on a quality shows virtually each month and we do not wish to compete with private enterprise.

National Hot Air Ballooning Championship
Council has allocated $40k to provide entertainment in Northam during the week long championships in August/September.

Christmas lights
Council has not been entirely happy with the quality of the street light decorations we have purchased in recent years so this year we are going to try something different is the form of a laser light show, centred around the Northam Boulevard area of Fitzgerald Street.

Sealed Road data pickup
Council has allocated $46k to enable an audit of the data we hold on our sealed roads to ensure we are using the best quality data to allocate our road funds to. The new data will ensure staff have access to the up to date and accurate information to assist in the formulation of our annual and five year road programs.

Unsealed roads
We are continuing to invest strongly in our unsealed/gravel road maintenance program, which has been a concern to many residents in more recent years.

Bridge maintenance
The Shire has 29 bridges under its area of responsibility, one of which was recently closed on Spencers Brook Road due to safety concerns following a routine inspection.
Subject to findings of a pending detailed report the bridge is likely to be replaced with concrete culverts. Until such time works are completed a temporary detour has been implemented on Old Spencers Brook Road, with ongoing monitoring to ensure traffic is driving to current road conditions.

National Desexing Network


Bulk Junk Collection

The Shire will be placing skip bins in central locations in the following localities to assist residents with the disposal of large junk items. Items such as paints, oils, asbestos, household hazardous waste and tyres must not be placed in the bins. The following program is currently scheduled with further collections planned in early 2016.

Bulk Junk Collection

Any queries in relation to the regional bins should be directed to Carmen Sadleir on 9622 6100 or

Avon River Festival 2015

Mulch Available

The Shire of Northam is continuing its environmental initiative of mulching green waste at the Old Quarry Road Waste Facility. Mulch is available free of charge to householders in the Shire and is limited in size to one trailer or ute load. Self loading is required. Please enquire at the landfill gatehouse.
Any queries in relation to the mulch should be directed to Carmen Sadleir on 9622 6100 or

Free Mulch


The next DrumMuster in the Shire of Northam is scheduled for Wednesday, 2nd of September 2015 at the Old Quarry Landfill Site in Northam. DrumMuster is aimed at recycling clean and dry drums from growers, farmers and chemical users throughout Australia. Eligible containers are those with the DrumMuster logo, and they must be clean i.e. triple rinsed or cleaned with high pressure and left with lids off to dry.

Once the containers are received, they are crushed or shredded and transformed into practical items such as plastic cable covers, wheelie bins, bollards and irrigation pipes. More information is available from the drumMuster website at: www.drummuster.com.au 

To participate in the Northam DrumMuster please contact Susan Burley at the Shire of Northam on 9622 6113 to arrange a drop off time and advise of the number of drums you will be delivering.



 Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade


ww1 poster

Ballooning Championship Northam 2015


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