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Ranger Services

The Shire of Northam Ranger Services can be contacted on (08) 9622 7267.  If your call is not answered immediately please leave a message and Council Officers will return your call as soon as practical.

Rangers are on duty from 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday only. All calls outside these hours will only be responded to in cases of emergencies, such as:

  • stock on Local Government Roads posing danger
  • dog attack in progress or aggressive dog wandering at large
  • animals in immediate dire need of assistance

Please call 000 for all other emergencies or if a Ranger does not respond within a short period of time regarding the issues listed above.

Ranger Services are responsible for the enforcement of State Government legislation and Council’s Local Laws for controlling dogs and cats, firebreak inspections, stock control, off-road vehicles, litter and parking.

The laws for animal control which Council enforces are set under State Government Legislation. All animals must be confined to the land in which they are kept by adequate fencing.

The Dog Act 1976 and the Cat Act 2011 are the main laws affecting animal owners in the Shire of Northam. For assistance please contact the Rangers on 9622 7267 (which is available after hours for emergencies only).


The Shire of Northam has specified the following locations as dog exercise areas:

Dog Exercise Locations 

The following regulations must be adhered to by all dog owners:

  • All dogs over three months of age must be registered. Failure to register your dog may result in a $200.00 penalty under the Dog Act 1976.
  • In addition to the registration tag, dogs must wear an identification tag with the dog's name and the owners current telephone number.
  • All dogs registered for the first time or who have transfer of ownership must be microchipped.
  • All dangerous dogs, restricted breeds and security dogs must be microchipped.
  • By 1 November 2015 all dogs must be microchipped. 
  • Only two dogs are allowed on each property. If an owner would like to have more than two dogs, special permits must be applied for from Council before this can occur.
  • In public places, dogs must be restrained on a leash or a spot fine may be imposed.
  • In addition to the registration tag, dogs must wear an identification tag with the dog's name and owners current phone number. 

Wandering Dogs

If dogs without registration tags, ID tags or a microchip are found wandering they will be impounded. Wandering dogs will also be impounded if if the owner cannot be contacted or there is a record of previous offences.  Fines and fees for impounding and sustenance must be paid before a dog will be released from the pound, with unregistered dogs having to be registered before release. Dogs are only impounded for 72 hours, after which they will be made available for re-homing.

Dog Registration

Dog Local Law

Multiple Dog Application (not a Kennel)

Restricted Dog Breeds

Barking Dogs


In accordance with the Cat Act 2011, all domestic cats aged six months and older are required to be:

  • sterilised (unless used for breeding by a registered breeder)
  • microchipped
  • registered with the Shire of Northam
  • Wear a registration tag.

Owners are responsible for ensuring their cats do not wander and cause nuisance.

Only two cats are able to be kept one property.  Persons wishing to keep more than two cats must make application to the Shire of Northam. 

Cat Registration

3-4 Cat Application (not a cattery)

Cattery Application

Information on Cats

Cat Local Law

Cat Regulations

Cat Act

Wildlife & Feral Animals

As a first instance all reports on wildlife should be referred to the relevant Government department. In cases of emergency or when life is threatened, advice may be given for the removal and re-location of snakes and other wildlife.  


Please note that Rangers are not authorised to remove snakes.  For snake removal, please contact Ray Adams on 0429 910 321 or Stasha Duricic on 0487 436 087.


Local assistance for removal of bees, please contact Carl Davies on 0418 191 331. 

Alternatively, refer to the Department of Agriculture on 9690 2000.

Foxes and Rabbits

To be referred to the Department of Agriculture on 9690 2000.

Native Animals

All reports in relation to native animals are to be referred to the Department Parks and Wildlife on 9334 0292.

For injured animals please contact the Wildcare Hotline on 9474 9055.

If either of the above departments are unable to help Ranger Services may, depending on the circumstances, be made available to assist by:

  • Removing snakes from within buildings in life threatening situations
  • Relocating native wildlife to natural reserves
  • Taking injured wildlife to appropriate carers.

Stock & Other Animal Complaints

Straying stock wandering on streets or in public open spaces are to be reported to Ranger Services. When making a complaint the following information is required:

  • Your full name, address and telephone number
  • Type, number and location of stock straying
  • Time/s and date/s of incidents
  • Where they came from (if known)

Ill treated and/or abandoned animals are the responsibility of the RSPCA and all incidents of this nature should be referred directly to them on 1300 278 3589 (1300 CRUELTY) which is the national cruelty hotline.

Poultry and Rodents 

Complaints are to be referred to the Shire of Northam Environmental Health Officer on 9622 6131 or 9622 6144.

Rural Street Number

Rural Street Number Application

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