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Northam Motorsport Festival - Women In Motorsport

Published on Tuesday, 23 April 2024 at 2:04:20 PM

Breaking Barriers Behind the Wheel and Beyond

For the 2024 edition of the Northam Motorsport festival the Vintage Sports Car Club of WA (VSCC ) are paying homage to women in motorsport.

Let us emphasize their skill, dedication, and passion above all else. Regardless of gender, their contributions are integral to the continued success and growth of the sport, inspiring future generations to pursue their dreams and excel in the world of motorsport.

While the spotlight often shines brightest on the drivers, it's essential to recognize the diverse talents and contributions of women in every aspect of the sport. Beyond the roar of engines and the smell of burning rubber, women are making their mark as drivers, officials, engineers, team managers, and administrators, ensuring that the machinery of motorsport runs smoothly from start to finish.

To all the women drivers and officials in motorsport: your skill, determination, and resilience inspire us all. Keep pushing boundaries, breaking stereotypes, and driving change on and off the track. The future of motorsport is brighter because of you. Northam is fortunate to host a two-day event that features many remarkable female drivers and we were lucky enough to catch up with a few to get their thoughts ahead of the 2024 Northam Motorsport festival.

Front Page Drivers and Official Members of the Vintage Sports Car Club

Car  96 Sandra Stephenson  Marine Blue Chevrolet Speedster.

Car  180 Sarah Fry1964 MGB roadster

Car  91 Christine Malone Mk1 Ford Escort

Sarah Lamont Car  (BLUE)   1961 Ford Anglia

Car 58  Katy Fiora 1934  Red Austin 7

Moyra Richardson MGB Club

Sheryl Swarbrick Motorsport Australia:  Western Australia State Official of the Year


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Christine Malone

I am the youngest of four, being the only girl with the boys being quite a bit older than me. I spent my childhood under the bonnets of cars and in beach buggies and doing all things motorised and mechanical that the boys did. All three of my brothers and one sister in law all raced speedway in some shape or form so it's no wonder I'm involved in motorsport!! But I'm the black sheep, in that I don't like all that playing in mud and stick to bitumen. I always enjoyed riding my motorbike on the enduro tracks around Esperance, where I live, and then raced go karts for about six years.

After a break from motorsport for a few years and a few changes In my life, my partner Scott decided to buy a car and started doing autokanas and regularity. One of the earlier events he did was the Northam Flying 50. He decided it would be a good idea for me to have a run in his car in the autokhana as well. Bad move on his part as I did... and then decided I needed a car of my own! Decided I would like a Mkl Ford Escort as that was what I had as my first road car.

Fast forward to purchasing said Escort and beginning my own motorsport career. Purchased the car in 2013 and my first outing was the Albany Classic in a car I hadn't even driven. To say the nerves nearly had me running for home before the start was an understatement. But thankfully with encouragement from other drivers I stuck it out and haven't looked back.

Over the years I have competed at 55 different race meetings including Northam Flying 50 and others at Albany, Collie Motorplex and Wanneroo Carco Raceway, as well as many hill climbs and autokanas. 2014 saw me take out second place in the CAMS (now MSA) State Championship Regularity for Touring Cars Group N under 3500cc and 2016 State Champion in the same class.


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Sarah Fry

I am a member of the MGCCWA and for many years I have enjoyed joining members on social runs.

One day I was asked to come and join some others at an Autokhana in Kwinana run by the TSOA. At this time I owned a 1972 white MGB GT so I used it for my first event on 4th December 2016. I really enjoyed the day, it ignited a flame from within and from then I entered a Motorkhana, Autokhana and a track day at the Wanneroo track all run by various clubs.

Then a member of our club approached me and said that I would never win anything driving the car I had but he knew someone who may be selling an MGB which had more race spec. I was interested. I got the details of the owner and in March 2017 my husband, Peter, and I went to view the car, I loved it and we bought. It’s the 1964 MGB roadster which I drive today.

At 57 years old I was a late starter into racing. I was a bit scared of the cars potential power to begin with though. From then I started doing more events including Mt Clarence Hill climb in 2017 for the first time. Albany Round the houses in 2018, Northam flying 50’s for the first time in 2021.

All fairly low key events but when the event is regularity it’s not all about speed. Some ladies may not know that and would be apprehensive of driving amongst a field of fairly large and powerful cars. Lots of events I enter usually involve only one car on the track at any one time or have a suitable safe distance between the other cars.

Now I look forward to every event and meeting some lovely like-minded people. We have made many friends by doing the racing and they are happy to give me tips on racing lines etc. I have to thank Peter without him I wouldn’t be doing any driving, he is my pit crew mechanic and has an amazing knowledge of engines and cars.

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Sarah Lamont

Really the story is pretty simple. I lived in Albany for a few years and watched the Round the Houses event as a spectator, often with Terry (Dad). We loved it!

I moved away from the area, and we were chipping away at working on the car over the years. Finally, we started taking her to shows and started looking into the Albany Classic event. 

We didn't understand that it was about consistency (regularity) rather than competing against other participants. 

Once we got over the anxiety of having a go, we joined VSCCWA and threw our hats in the ring... loved every minute since then.


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Sandra Stephenson

Who am I. I am Sandra Stephenson and proud to be part of this event in honour of Women in Motorsport 2024.

I am the owner, builder and driver of the number 96 Marine Blue Chevrolet Speedster. I built the car after competing in the 2019 Red Dust Revival Desert Race at Lake Perkolilli in a 1934 Ford owned by Ron and Gary West.

I was hooked and decided to build my own, so I found a project build body and chassis created by Bruce Jones and that gave me the bones to star. I then looked around for a heart, I ended up transporting a 1938 216 chevrolet six-cylinder motor from the east. The gearbox is a 1937 and 1933 differential were sourced from Rick Beasley.

I had the mechanical drum brakes in the differential converted to hydraulic to match the front and formula 500 champion Johnny Anderssen cut and shortened the torque tube and drive shaft. All hands-on deck from my best friend’s husband( Troy Hughes) I borrowed, to my neighbour (John O’Meara) and speedway mate Mark Franks  were lending a hand to get the car ready. The motor had not been started for years and sat covered on a pallet in my yard for 18 months. Wal from VSCC came wired came and we wired it up and fired it up.

So what happen next was lots of fabrication and pressure to get it finished for Red Dust Revival 2022. 18 months turned into weeks then days with it being was scrutineered at home then loaded with wet paint and no test drive, headed up to Lake Perkolli. Arrived to the bush telegraph saying she made it up and down to pit lines in darkness, Next morning unloaded to find I had some clutch issues. With what they call the Perkolilli Brotherhood I had Gary West, a friendly fellow from Tasmania and speedway club mate Vincent Maher in and under the car with spanners in hand and then they yelled saddle up go go go as I was due out next. Pedal to the metal out went the Chevrolet. It didn’t disappoint it flew and the buzz I got putting it on the track.

It didn’t miss a beat. Later to compete in the Northam Flying Fifty 2023.

What else do I do, well I am currently a community registered nurse with My Flex Health after leaving Royal Perth Hospital after 12 years as a Clinical nurse. I spent 10 years in the regular army in Royal Australian Ordnance Corps.  Currently Vice president of the Western Australia Classic Speedway Association and former President in which I have been a member of for more than 10 years. I own 3 speedway formula 500’s, a speedway corolla sedan and a super modified. I ride a classic speedway sidecar (Suzuki GS 550cc ) with Gabby Watson as my Passenger.

I am a current member of VSCC, VCC, WACSA and TSOA.  I am a volunteer with Dad’s Army which is a group within the VSCC that maintain the club assets and get together to build club project cars and help with events.  We promote discussion and have a whale of a time meeting and working together, we even have our own race team DART (Dads Army Racing Team). Last year I was awarded Club Rookie Official of the Year 2023, after under studying the VSCC club scrutineers in which I am learning more about safety and technical components which make up different divisions of classic and vintage Sports cars.

What is next, I always a project on the go. My 1972 road registered Triumph Mk2 is waiting for a new lease of life and will be participating in time events hopefully in the future.

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Moyra Mitchinson

Moyra emerges as a formidable force in the vibrant world of club-level motorsports across Western Australia, where her passion for speed and precision has led to remarkable success. Moyra consistently sets a high standard of performance on the track.

At the heart of Moyra's motorsport journey are a series of thrilling endeavours, ranging from track day sprint events to autotests and short course sprints. Behind the wheel of her meticulously tuned MGBs, Moyra commands attention.

Within the domain of club-level events, Moyra stands as a familiar face, perpetually pushing the boundaries of her capabilities. Whether it's navigating the twists and turns of a track day, demonstrating precision in autotests, or mastering of observation rallies, Moyra's dedication shines through in every endeavour.



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