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Holding an Event in the Shire of Northam

The Shire of Northam welcomes the conduct of events and concerts to provide an opportunity for individuals or groups to put on events for residents and visitors.

The Shire of Northam does not permit vehicles, amplification of noise, any structures, vending or obstructions within a public place, thoroughfare or reserve; or any interference with or alterations to any fitting or facilities located thereon, unless the approval of the Shire is first obtained. The Shire of Northam has a responsibility to ensure that premises and organisers’ of concerts, events and organised gatherings satisfy the basic statutory requirements for such events; and to ensure that the identifiable risks to any patron or staff/volunteer are minimised. Council seeks to ensure that events cause the minimum of inconvenience or nuisance to the community. 

The control of patrons is the responsibility of the organiser and their demonstrated capacity to successfully achieve this objective will form a major part of the application assessment procedure. Each event is different and the specific approvals required will depend upon the type of event, and it is recommended that organisers consult early in the planning stages with staff to determine the required approvals needed to conduct the event.

Please note that completion of the application form does not automatically imply approval, and any non-completed sections will be taken to mean that the particular section does not apply to your intended event.

Event organisers wishing to hold medium to large scale public events, or events that will take place on or across a road will be required to inform the WA Police.

The health section of your event approval will be assessed by the Shire of Northam’s Health department. This will cover safety (structures, electrical safety etc), food, water, and toilets, and forms for these aspects are available from the Shire of Northam’s events Officer on 08 9622 8309.
Should your event require an official event application, Council’s Events Officer will be in touch with you to inform you of what paperwork is needed to support your application. This documentation will be needed before a determination on your event can be issued.

Where to begin

If you are looking to hold a first time event in Northam, please contact the Shire of Northam's Events Coordinator to discuss your plans. 

Complete our Notice of Intended Event Form. Once you have completed this, if a formal event application is required, you will be contacted to complete the next steps- otherwise you will be informed in writing that a formal application is not required. 

What information will be required with a formal application?

No two events will require the same documents from a compliance viewpoint. Each event application is assessed on its individual merit, and should a formal application be required, you will be contacted by Council's events team to discuss what is required for your event. 

For every event where a formal application is required

Event Application Form

Risk Management Plan

A copy of your Public Liability insurance

Site Plan (detailing toilets, main event infrastructure, etc)

Payment of application fee

Accessible Events Checklist

Events with Stallholders/ Food 

Blanket Stallholder Application Form

Individual Stallholder Application

Food Stallholder Form

Events which require permits

Fireworks Permit

Occasional Liquor License

Noise Exemption

Road Closure

Other documents that may be required

Traffic Management Plan

Occasional Liquor License

Parking Management Plan

First Aid & Security Information

Other supporting documentation as necessary

When to inform us about your event

It is best to contact us as early as possible regarding your event. Event applications are required as early as possible to ensure adequate processing time.

The minimum submission for smaller events is 30 days prior to your event date, and medium to large scale events will require a minimum of 60 days’ notice.

Advertising your event

Once you have received a formal determination for your event, you may start to advertise to the public. If you are able to supply advertising material, the Northam Visitor Centre will assist you in advertising your event free of charge. 

Events which don't need a formal application can also be advertised by the Northam Visitor Centre free of charge. 

Application Costs

  • Notice of Intended Event assessment- FREE
  • Low Risk- $154
  • Medium Risk- $154
  • High Risk- $871 (max)

These fees are non-refundable, and include assessment of application only. Other permits and documentation required may incur separate charges. Please contact our events team for more information. 

More Information

For more information, or to discuss your upcoming event, please contact Council's Events Coordinator: 

In person: At the Northam Visitor Centre (2 Grey Street, Northam)

Via Email: events@northam.wa.gov.au

Via phone: (08) 9622 8309


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